Title: Robbers ok with mask rules
created on 28 May 20

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1. alanator wrote:
 Was at the bank and person at the door checks you in,while inside I turn around and there is a guy in a cap,sunglasses and a mask and she calmly walks over and lets him in.
2. alanator wrote:
 I said aloud,wow,there once was a time when we would be going "OH CRAP",will be interesting to see how this plays out.Hadnt really thought about it until then.
3. alanator wrote:
 Slice portraying this senerio,has an array of switchover masks to evade detection.Pray masks will not be needed always.
4. indigo wrote:
 Good one!
5. bugoy1 wrote:
 It's a crazy time. If you legally conceal carry, it's illegal to wear a mask, but some places mandate it.
6. Lizzi wrote:
 Well done! The case against hiding one's identity is looking different now!