Title: Remember sick people in public?
created on 12 May 20

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1. alanator wrote:
 If anything good can come from the panicpandemic,hopefully people who used to go out in public knowing they were sick,shnooing and sneezing all over the plkace.No one would object to their indifference.At least now,maybe people will be more considerate of
2. alanator wrote:
 others.No one seemed too worried about it in the past.Selfish uncaring jerks that didn't think it a big deal to go out and infect everybody.Maybe now people will speak up and call out someone who do this.The flu is deadly also among others.Be porepared, n
3. alanator wrote:
 Oops,Be prepared,not scared.I am horrible at typing,sorry.
4. Sakari wrote:
 Grapehead should have a mask on.
5. venegasis wrote:
 corona is overrated