Title: Mangoes
created on 16 Dec 19

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1. Cherryis wrote:
 I did this as part of the transparency reboot challenge!
2. eve777 wrote:
 I don't understand the challenge but this is GREAT!!!
3. lf18 wrote:
 really good!
4. moonl1ght wrote:
 this is really pretty!
5. priya41 wrote:
 Very good
6. indigo wrote:
 Beautifully done.
7. hjjr wrote:
 delicate and fine...
8. Lizzi wrote:
 Ditto hjjr. LOve it!
9. lyd15 wrote:
 that's really cool
10. parkerel1 wrote:
 As always Katie, I love it!
11. Lilred4 wrote:
12. kyleeosmond wrote:
 I love the colors
13. littlebean wrote:
14. LAUR wrote:
 The dash of purple really ties everything together!
15. camo wrote:
 Very good! love it!
16. AFSOUTH wrote:
  Outstanding & Happy Holidays!
17. Taterbug wrote:
 I love it so beautifully done.
18. kayalong1 wrote:
 so creative
19. sunshine26 wrote:
 love it
20. AvocadoToast wrote:
 you are amazing
21. Qsilv wrote:
 Hi - I commented on your work to illustrate the point in the Forum Challenge --(and yes I said NICE things!) ;> http://www.thinkdraw.com/forumPosts.
php?topicId=1667 ... PS - here's your Baton ====
22. priya41 wrote:
 wonderful! great shading

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