Title: Just a Rose
created on 28 Sep 19

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Comments on this picture (36):
1. evefoster wrote:
 This is NOT just a rose.. This is BRILLIANT! the playback is insane..speechless
2. bugoy1 wrote:
 What a spectacular work!
3. chellalynn wrote:
 ditto! speechless and spectacular! love it..
4. priya41 wrote:
 Amazing! Beautifully done?
5. Normal wrote:
 By any other name is still magnificent!
6. priya41 wrote:
 oops...its not a question mark !! Great PB, brilliant job!
7. kaeleyjoy wrote:
 This is beautiful!
8. LAUR wrote:
 It's absolutely genius! There's so much detailing and layering that my computer cant even load the play back! I adore it!
9. lyd15 wrote:
 this is amazing!
10. AFSOUTH wrote:
11. Hazer wrote:
 Beautifully done!
12. parkerel1 wrote:
 Katie I seriously love it!!!!!!!!!!
13. daisyharris wrote:
 So, so beautiful!!!
14. t3t3 wrote:
 this is amazing!! i love it
15. caszizzle wrote:
 I'm quaking at how good this is
16. eroythedog wrote:
 This is AMAZING!
17. stupidmonsterz wrote:
 Absolutely Gorgeous
18. Burgandy wrote:
 I agree with everyone - this is a keeper!
19. Vals wrote:
 A true delight!
20. AvocadoToast wrote:
 absolutley amazing
21. Queso wrote:
 so beautiful love it
22. Taterbug wrote:
 Absolutely beautiful
23. havasime wrote:
24. kyleeosmond wrote:
 good shading
25. nyeka3 wrote:
 This is amazing
26. williamska9 wrote:
 Love it a lot its beautiful.
27. hjjr wrote:
 a regal rose
28. Shanley wrote:
 beautiful, love the velvet texture. Your gallery's a gem...welcome to TD, hope you'll create more of these amazing pics!
29. combeja3 wrote:
 I absolutely love this piece. The shadowing and the reds look amazing !!
30. clorophilla wrote:
 the best rose ever on TD! And the Playback is awesome!
31. Mystic wrote:
 Wow! This is fantastic! superb job!
32. venegasis wrote:
33. The_Jacob_H wrote:
 If I had an ounce of your talent. I am envious.
34. mum23 wrote:
 Truly stunning!!!
35. Abie wrote:
 I love it!!!
36. Fangzzz wrote:
 Velvetly textured wonderfulness that delivers an emotive ahhhhh

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