Title: My Strength Comes From A Living God.
created on 03 Mar 19

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1. petersonal6 wrote:
 way cool
2. katidid wrote:
3. evefoster wrote:
 Hey, Clrmered, I just read what you said on that pic.., Wow, that's really cool! what a great life, and how awesome to have red hair and blue eyes, beautiful combination..
4. evefoster wrote:
 Thank you for telling me a bit about yourself... i have never had the pleasure of leaving the country i was born in...yet..but i am ready to go
5. evefoster wrote:
 we share the same strength
6. evefoster wrote:
 Oh are you and Katidid really sisters?
7. clrmered wrote:
 Yes, sisters! But, we are sisters too, in Christ. I looked up the meaning of the last Showcase subject and decided my drawing & comment. The red hair is long gone 😊