Title: This Is Not Milkweed!!!
created on 03 Jul 15

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Comments on this picture (13):
1. Roza58 wrote:
 Sly! :)
2. katidid wrote:
 Cute! Sorry he is disappointed. :-)
3. pinkie wrote:
 Good one!
4. indigo wrote:
 LOL! Cute and fun! ^}^
5. Normal wrote:
 So sorry! We KNOW you're a very hungry caterpillar. Lovely!
6. marg wrote:
 your day will come :)
7. Hummingbird wrote:
 Monarchs love the milkweed :) I was given a chrysalis last fall and hatched a beautiful monarch.
8. clrmered wrote:
 Wow Hummingbird, what an experience!
9. Hummingbird wrote:
 It was so cool....they're very docile after hatching, so they will crawl on your hands. I wish there was a way of instant messaging/chatting on here with people and where you can post pics( of things you've drawn and or of yourself, so others can see who
10. Hummingbird wrote:
 you are). LOL....Hint Hint TD
11. KJLavigne wrote:
 Delightfully done!
12. farout wrote:
 So sweet :)
13. clrmered wrote:
 Hummingbird, you can always hopefully get some of the folks to SKYPE, you can do all of that there.