Title: full moon
created on 17 Jul 12

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Comments on this picture (21):
1. Meander wrote:
 This is so beautiful!
2. Lizzi wrote:
 This is marvellous, Kata!
3. AFSOUTH wrote:
 This one sparkles with beauty!
4. clorophilla wrote:
5. Hazer wrote:
 Beautifully done, kata!
6. Burgandy wrote:
 Love the colors, the detail, and the border!
7. marg wrote:
 love it :)
8. Normal wrote:
 SO nice!
9. priya41 wrote:
 ditto all!
10. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful!! ^J^
11. Robyntalks wrote:
 this is very good!
12. lesley_gene wrote:
 I love this. So full of wonder and beauty! :)
13. mekeys wrote:
 More ditto's..I saw this while playing Jigsawdoku..
14. linmar wrote:
 this is VERY nice! :)
15. brigsis wrote:
16. methusalinka wrote:
 me too breathless..and as if..for a mement I never saw a blue that blue.hi from linka here where it is night now.:godnat, when you have night.
17. sandm wrote:
 missed this, so much light! beautifully done
18. Shanley wrote:
 missed this. It's wonderful!
19. hjjr wrote:
 shining and beautiful
20. hjjr wrote:
 came back 7/17/17... still shines
21. kata wrote:
 Thank you hjjr! ))

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