Title: Medusa (inspired by chelydra)
created on 22 Jun 12

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1. Gohha wrote:
 The sculpture looks little primitive so I think it may be one of the earliest Greek busts. Hope she and her 'hair' are not too pale =)
2. Lolla wrote:
 Sculpt in Marble - very good.
3. mdawrcn wrote:
 I like it.
4. indigo wrote:
 Excellent! Great serpent heads! ^J^ Too bad my favs are full, really well done.
5. golehto wrote:
  good one :)
6. polenta wrote:
 a beauty!
7. DilCoura wrote:
8. Gohha wrote:
 Thanks everybody!
9. Lizzi wrote:
 Excellent! She is not too pale, having been kept indoors all her life.
10. Normal wrote:
 Well done mask!
11. lesley_gene wrote:
 Beautifully done!! :)
12. Gohha wrote:
 Thanks a lot, dear TDers! Your opinions are very helpful and your compliments are very pleasant for me =)
13. chelydra wrote:
 Looks good to me too! As a bas-relief, it's absolutely perfect. (If that's not what it's supposed to be, don't tell anyone.)
14. Normal wrote:
 I like it even more, now I'm looking again...great snakes!
15. AFSOUTH wrote:
 This is a real beauty!
16. priya41 wrote:
 a beauty! really well done!
17. suzze wrote:
18. methusalinka wrote:
 hi gohha wish I had had a fave to give you.but I have no more can only tell you it coming out of the screen here in front of me...it cannot be flat.too filled with its form and its impressive beauty.hi

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