Title: Peace be with you
created on 15 Dec 11

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1. linmar wrote:
2. alexischilli wrote:
 Amazing.Great Job!
3. indigo wrote:
 The eyes are beautiful!! :]
4. Angela wrote:
 It's beautiful & eyes may be more accurate than most (closer to the forensic reconstruction). Now back to celebrating his birth.
5. golehto wrote:
6. kmkagle wrote:
 Beautifully done. What more is there to say?
7. 56rosie wrote:
 This pic is nearly as close to perfection as He is. Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to all! Suzze special thanks to you for all the diligent detail you've put into this heavenly pic! This one is KEEPER! {hugs}
8. lorstar117 wrote:
 Wow! You are AMAZING!
9. polenta wrote:
 this is ART!
10. sheftali52 wrote:
 Whoa--SO good!
11. Burgandy wrote:
 This brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful, and truly the love and gentleness in the eyes of Jesus. Very beautiful!
12. priya41 wrote:
13. loveas wrote:
14. hanging wrote:
 The eyes are crystal clear.... What can be better!
15. KJLavigne wrote:
 The eyes reflect His far vision of the future for mankind who receive Him. Well done!
16. sandm wrote:
 and peace on earth. The eyes have it. He is the love.
17. clorophilla wrote:
 I'm speechless!
18. hjjr wrote:
 ... and with you, suzze. this is truly beautiful
19. minime2767 wrote:
 I can see the pain and softness in his eyes. So so real!
20. gair wrote:
 Another masterful work of art that captures powerful emotion in every stroke.
21. DilCoura wrote:
22. bluemoon wrote:
23. mdawrcn wrote:
24. CMD14 wrote:
25. DebbieBreau wrote:
 Peace Be with all...very nice pic....happy holidays all.
26. Pumpkingirl wrote:
 WOW those eyes
27. nancylee wrote:
 Masterfully drawn.
28. TalkingCookie wrote:
 this is sooo beautiful and artfully drawn. it serves a reminder as to what this holiday is really about
29. lesley_gene wrote:
 Another Wow!!! So powerful, yet peace and gentleness surrounds Him.
30. beja wrote:
 Best xmas picture.
31. Login wrote:
 A wonderful face ... brilliant.
32. five wrote:
33. gimzer wrote:
34. gair wrote:
 Congrats on top 5. You are a master!
35. penguinono8 wrote:
 It's amazing! Thank you very much for sharing this sad but in the end happy picture with those who don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
36. penguinono8 wrote:
 PS You guys should click the "play" button. Imagine how much time it took!!!!!!
37. courairacema wrote:
 muito lindo, que Deus abençoe sempre voce, feliz 2012.
38. delfasa wrote:
 Congrats on top 5. This is just beautiful
39. gwinnyb wrote:
 thank you for your attention to detail and to the reason for the season.well deserved top 5
40. hawkeyesimmy wrote:
 This is amazing! Good job.
41. Hazer wrote:
 Missed commenting before! I'm blown away by your talent, suzze! Thanks for sharing it with us!
42. Maidred wrote:
 Simply beautiful!
43. Boochie wrote:
 This is gorgeous, suzze!!!
44. Ash12 wrote:
 this is sssoooooooooo good !
45. pinklady wrote:
 Wow! Amazing picture!!
46. candies wrote:
 all of your pictures you have draw are fantastic amazing and impossible to draw!!!!
47. mmmm wrote:
 A story to be told..wonderful.
48. Joyful90 wrote:
 I'm assuming your paint in real life...Is this true? Is any of your work online?
49. platform2walk wrote:
 very blessed piece and peace with you
50. momeoky wrote:
 and with your Spirit.
51. Ktbieber wrote:
52. Jdtrozsnyai wrote:
53. clrmered wrote:
 such love & peace in the expression, wow.
54. Burgandy wrote:
 Just thinking of you and want to wish you Christmas Blessings. I think of you when I am here of TD, and a few other times when I think of truly inspirational people. Hope all is well and want to wish you a happy coming year!!