Title: Happy B day Burgandy
created on 23 Aug 13

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1. suzze wrote:
 Inspired by Burgandy's picture "Always there when we need them!" and Tiffany style stained glass. Happy Birthday a few days early.
2. indigo wrote:
 Happy Birthday Burgandy! I hope you had a wonderful day and best wishes for a great year. I'm so happy that you are part of our TD family. *J*
3. indigo wrote:
 The creation of this angel is just amazing. Beautiful work suzze! *J*
4. methusalinka wrote:
 an angels care. in the midnight. what a gift. suzze. tak for your beautiful and supporting pic. and tak for your comment and may I also give burgandy my tillykke-congratulations burgandy on your B-day and bless your new year godnat from linka
5. Vals wrote:
 Happy Birthday Burgandy!
6. clorophilla wrote:
 this is the top of the showcase. HB Burgandy!
7. clorophilla wrote:
 and the Playback is amazing!
8. ritachake wrote:
 you are soooooooooooooo gooood your pictures are unbelivable
9. Normal wrote:
 Just magnificent! Many happy return, Burgandy!
10. Burgandy wrote:
 Suzze - this is the best present ever!! I am blessed to have Angels in my life - and I count you, your kindness, and your amazing talent as a gift from an angel. Thank you from deep inside my heart and know that this is a pic I will always treasure. Wa
11. Burgandy wrote:
 Watching the PB was unbelievably magical. Thank you Suzze - this is for all to enjoy:)
12. Burgandy wrote:
 Thank you everyone for your B-Day greetings as you share this wonderful Angel pic with me!
13. Lizzi wrote:
 Beautiful tribute to a beautiful person!
14. tinkerer wrote:
 Absolutely beautiful . . . what a talent and what fun to watch it develop. Happy birthday to Burgandy!
15. Lolla wrote:
 Best wishes, Burgandy. You are a blessing to us on TD. Suzze captured the angel that is always with us so beautiful!!!
16. priya41 wrote:
 This is unbelievable! Thank you suzze for being on TD and sharing your beautiful and divine talent with us
17. Hobbes wrote:
18. priya41 wrote:
 Happy Birthday Burgandy and keep bringing out your lovely and lively pics and captions!
19. nancylee wrote:
 Happy Birthday Burgandy - and Suzze I have played this over and over. You are an inspiration.
20. mdawrcn wrote:
 Well deserved beautiful birthday card for Burgundy. Hope you have a great day!
21. okeanos wrote:
  BEAUTIFUL work !!!Thank you Suzzze !!!
22. hjjr wrote:
23. millikins wrote:
 They say 'you should always have an Angel by your side' so thanks Suzze for this one it's beautiful and belated
24. five wrote:
25. Bowden wrote:
 Happy B. Day. Stunning Angel.
26. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Grand & wonderful!
27. sandm wrote:
 unglaublich! und das Gesicht!
28. sandm wrote:
 aja, kein Fav., also GROSSES HERZ:)
29. bluemoon wrote:
30. marg wrote:
 brilliantly done, suzze :)
31. golehto wrote:
32. Burgandy wrote:
 Sorry to hear that you were one of the statistics in the freezing temps. and blackout. I heard it as it happened,and know that those conditions would be hard to tough out. What a weird winter. Hope all is better! We will really appreciate SPRING!
33. Virgil wrote:
 Very well done.
34. Burgandy wrote:
 Hey Suzze - smiled when I saw your message. I am so happy to hear you are painting, because it is not a hobby for you, but a talent you were born with. Keep me posted on your work. I would love to see some via email or text or something. Or do you hav
35. Burgandy wrote:
 You are STILL the best, and I hope your and I hope your day is as awesome as you are, and you are doing what you love to do with those you love! Happy Birthday and thanks for being a TD Legend!!!