Title: Remembrance
created on 11 Sep 11

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Comments on this picture (35):
1. alexischilli wrote:
 beautiful portrait
2. Burgandy wrote:
 I'm so touched that you are able to leave a tribute today. It is the real emotion of what happened that day, and how sad it was!
3. lesley_gene wrote:
 Your title says it all!
4. Lizzi wrote:
 This must be the way they all felt. Thank you, suzze.
5. karbs wrote:
 Beautifully done. We will never forget!
6. gimzer wrote:
7. kleinrock wrote:
 Omg That is a great draw!
8. RosalynMarie wrote:
 beautiful, shows so much emotion. The numbers on the hat are a fantastic detail I almost missed; that's genius. The colors are great in this too.
9. clorophilla wrote:
 so intensely portraited!
10. mdawrcn wrote:
 Beautiful tribute. Thanks Suzze.
11. katpedro wrote:
 Great Tribute Suzze.
12. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Incredibly moving - a great tribute to those tireless rescuers.
13. hjjr wrote:
 very nicely portrayed
14. nancylee wrote:
 Thank you for doing this so well.
15. Normal wrote:
 This speaks volumes and touches our hearts. Well done.
16. DilCoura wrote:
17. delfasa wrote:
 omg beautiful
18. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 I am so glad you were able to do this today Suzze, I had wanted to but just didn't have time. This is such a wonderful, moving tribute to them, thank you!
19. TalkingCookie wrote:
 Never Forget.......great picture that reflects all of our emotions
20. gwinnyb wrote:
 thank you!
21. CMD14 wrote:
22. sheftali52 wrote:
 This speaks for itself...
23. bluemoon wrote:
 thank you suzze
24. marg wrote:
 superb.. thanx !
25. teach wrote:
 so moving!
26. Dragon wrote:
 So beautiful, this brings a tear to my eye.
27. Pumpkingirl wrote:
 So much emotion ,this drawing has such a real impact.
28. AFSOUTH wrote:
 OH! What a powerful masterpiece!
29. priya41 wrote:
 beautifully depicted...
30. Scrappy wrote:
 Very well done!
31. mum23 wrote:
 Poignant and powerful...
32. Angela wrote:
 ditto all above. More than 1000 words...
33. Login wrote:
 Superb portrayal of the emotion of that day, ten years ago. Wonderful tribute, suzze.
34. Animallove27 wrote:
 Beautiful work!
35. Ked_Pretzel wrote:
 A very intense, emotional picture. Well done