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1. 1020 wrote:
 is he dancing?
2. palmasbob wrote:
 Yes...He's Happy!.
3. autumn wrote:
 this is so good, his face and the movement are amazing!
4. Dragon wrote:
 Boogie Down Santa!!
5. nancylee wrote:
 This is wonderful! How often does he do this?
6. palmasbob wrote:
 Depends on the economy!!!
7. Babalu wrote:
 And awaaayyyy we go! says Jackie Gleason!
8. Tim42 wrote:
 Lol @ Babalu. ... Hey, I move like that when my boxers ride up.
9. lynnspotter wrote:
10. qwer wrote:
 Your Santa ROCKS!
11. solange wrote:
 You are so creative! He looks like he's having fun!
12. EDiddy wrote:
 This is awesome ... I love it!
13. palmasbob wrote:
 Thanks all for the nice comments..
14. dcv61 wrote:
 wow - this is awesome
15. sheftali52 wrote:
 Truly outstanding--you are soooo good.
16. kmkagle wrote:
 I'm looking at your work and all I can say is "WOW". So nice!
17. SillySly wrote:
 As Grifter from the Yogi Bear Show used to say, "Exit, stage left." Looks great. You did a stunning job.
18. Baldur wrote:
 I think he's pantomiming the old Steve Martin song: 'King Tut'. On youTube he does the best guitar solo ever
19. Baldur wrote:
 A fantastic drawing again Palmasbob
20. likemee wrote:
 awesome - love the face!
21. palmasbob wrote:
 Baldur, thats it! he reminded me of something but was'nt sure what. I remember Steve Martin and King Tut song and dance. Cool.
22. marg wrote:
 This really is absolutely stunning - I've just written at least 3 comments, and then re-written them, because they didn't express what I thought.. but it's a master-work.
23. marg wrote:
 OK.. so looking at that wonderful face in proportion.. Santa's a dwarf, isn't he ??
24. hollister_dudde_36 wrote:
25. puzzler wrote:
 Yeh! Santa's getting jiggy with it!
26. uboydkm wrote:
27. Login wrote:
 I'm still chuckling ... "Depends on the economy" indeed. I like to boogie!
28. aoniablue wrote:
 break it down elvis!!! lol
29. hxxhxx wrote:
 masterpiece!! the beard, the daisy border on the jacket, the huge petals as the sky ... awesome! sheer artistic genius. I'm IN your fan club!!
30. shaywoodland wrote:
 How on EArth do you do this?
31. grahame wrote:
 This is an amazingly clever picture - it takes a real artist to get such a facial expression from a couple of petals - outstanding work
32. Login wrote:
 I love to see you dancing, Santa, but I think you should save your energy 'cos you've got a lot of travelling to do this week.
33. LaTeeDa wrote:
 this one came out perfect.way to go
34. totallystrange wrote:
 Awesomeness. It's crazy how good it is. I love it!
35. Qsilv wrote:
 aaahh palmasbob-- you make US happy! Thank you!
36. camdas wrote:
 I'm about to lol
37. baby wrote:
 you have wonderful talent!
38. annabanana22 wrote:
 holy cow thats amazing!
39. elom wrote:
 KAS need ON jõulud
40. elom wrote:
 sEe On jõul
41. Login wrote:
 I keep coming back to this for a chuckle. I love it.
42. marie09 wrote:
43. bass1200 wrote:
44. marg wrote:
 D'you realise I feel as if all my Christmasses have come at once ? Welcome back - I'm going to go outside and dance around a bit !
45. Login wrote:
 Oh, I do hope you draw some more ... love all your pictures.
46. Login wrote:
 ... but I saved this particular one to a personal file. Every time I look at it I chuckle.
47. Qsilv wrote:
 Palmasbob - Login has pointed out that this wonderful drawing is one year old today. We miss you.. hope your season is joyful wherever you are. ;>
48. ccmcc04 wrote:
49. gerardome wrote:
 it is santa claus dansing
50. gerardome wrote:
 booo boo!
51. Login wrote:
 Two years old and I still come back to this for a chuckle. Happy Christmas, palmasbob.
52. bagel wrote:
 It is called CHRISTmas! But I do think your santa is good.
53. gimzer wrote:

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