Title: Oyama of Kabuki - flowers within
created on 06 Jul 11

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Comments on this picture (44):
1. hanging wrote:
 For the challenge - Dancers
2. mdawrcn wrote:
 Wow hanging. This is spectacular!
3. makimakifish wrote:
 very nicely done
4. ArtisZen wrote:
 How wonderful-- an absolute beauty !
5. lesley_gene wrote:
 hanging, this is absolutely exquisite! WOW!
6. Qsilv wrote:
7. bluemoon wrote:
 graceful and beautiful.
8. stevedover1965 wrote:
 what bluemoon said and more
9. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 This is stunning hanging! I love the fabric, the face, the whole feel of this beautiful picture!
10. mrozowski wrote:
 So graceful. The details are marvelous.
11. AFSOUTH wrote:
 A truly beautiful work hanging!
12. arty wrote:
13. 56rosie wrote:
 Exquisite work .. Such detail to her face .. and the delicate cherry blossoms .. Wow!
14. pinkie wrote:
 Amazing detail-lovely picture!
15. indigo wrote:
 OMG! How I LOVE this!!
16. hjjr wrote:
 wow, hanging, this is so well done
17. artdillon wrote:
  so amazing stands out like a beacon,very well put together.
18. Dragon wrote:
 Wonderful! Such movement this pic has, and the face is so serene. An instant favorite.
19. Vals wrote:
20. Normal wrote:
 Just right and just stunning!
21. cathyallheart wrote:
22. laudka wrote:
 very nice! makes me think of the time I spent in Japan.
23. Login wrote:
24. sheftali52 wrote:
 Holy cow--this is wonderful!!
25. DilCoura wrote:
 Belo trabalho!!!!
26. clorophilla wrote:
 this claim itself as a top5 - I can't do nothing but accomplish!
27. golehto wrote:
 WOW :)
28. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Exquisite! The silk of the kimono is so real ...
29. priya41 wrote:
 a PERFECT pic! love the face, fabric, shading etc., etc., everything
30. shahbanoo wrote:
 so cute!
31. puzzler wrote:
32. mum23 wrote:
 Oh hanging, she's just gorgeous! Ditto Qsilv!
33. Lizzi wrote:
 Stellar. It's all there.
34. chanu wrote:
35. lesley_gene wrote:
 Again, this is a beauty as are your other top 5's! Congratulations!
36. _Akira_ wrote:
 Love this picture~!! And congratulations on top 5 too~!!
37. golehto wrote:
  congrad :)
38. pistonsfan75 wrote:
39. bhughes wrote:
 "kirei na onna no ko." Pretty girl. this is great work Hanging. sorry I missed it. Congrats on top 5.
40. polenta wrote:
 I can't believe the mastery of this beauty!!!
41. mum23 wrote:
 I'm so glad this beautiful picture made the Top10 for 2011. Congratulations!!
42. gair wrote:
 A masterpiece, soooo deserving of the honors!!!
43. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 10 2011, hanging. So pleased to see you there. Keep those wonderful drawings coming.
44. RawrKat wrote:
 utsukushii onnanoko!