Title: The rugged beauty of Ireland
created on 16 Mar 11

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1. Burgandy wrote:
 you have captured wonderful colors to create this nature shot. I love this!
2. mum23 wrote:
 Just looked in for the first time in a while... to find this wonderful evocative drawing! Lovely depth and great use of the background! Glad you're drawing!!
3. indigo wrote:
 Amazing picture!! You did very well with that background! I wish I had room in my favs :(
4. mdawrcn wrote:
 Oh yay. Thank you Login for doing this and entering in the challenge. It is wonderful.
5. Lizzi wrote:
 That background has never before looked so good. There are more greys in it than I'd realized. You have transformed rugged ugly to rugged beauty!
6. pinkie wrote:
 The fine detail in this picture is so good!
7. clorophilla wrote:
 love it!
8. Brunnhilde wrote:
 I love this - it's very wild and moorlandish
9. mekeys wrote:
 I say ditto to all of the comments above..!!!!!
10. tkeys wrote:
 I say "ditto" ... ditto ! Beautiful tree :)
11. lesley_gene wrote:
 Beautiful! Thought it was a photograph!
12. stevedover1965 wrote:
 I love the delicate highlights on the tree and the misty mountains, and the bright foreground details. All in all very nice.
13. AFSOUTH wrote:
 This is another Beauty!
14. arty wrote:
 This looks like a most wonderful watercolour painting. So beautifully done
15. Geetha wrote:
 Great use of background. lovely picture.
16. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 It looks so real! Beautiful!
17. hjjr wrote:
 what a fine tree, Login!
18. NADIA wrote:
 Absolutely Stunning,love the depth!
19. DilCoura wrote:
 Ficou lindo, Soube aproveitar muitobem. o painel de fundo
20. KJLavigne wrote:
21. maloo wrote:
 ummmm speechless...
22. 56rosie wrote:
 Beautifully done landscape pic!
23. mdawrcn wrote:
 Congratulations Login! I have chosen this picture as the winner of the All Things Irish challenge. So well done.
24. katy8 wrote:
25. Login wrote:
 Thank you mdawrcn. I was not expecting to receive the baton, especially considering the superb drawings of other participants. Give me a little while to think up a new challenge.
26. polenta wrote:
 WOW!!! Excellent use of difficult background
27. Qsilv wrote:
 marvelous depth and delicacy!
28. suzytron wrote:
 gives the impression of cold and windy-very nice.
29. hxxhxx wrote:
 fabulous!!! that barren grey part (land? sea?) has so much character, it seems appealing in context
30. pollyesther wrote:
 Beautiful use of background! I love the depth and contrast of textures!
31. madihenry wrote:
32. marg wrote:
 Beautifully done !
33. lesley_gene wrote:
 Congratulations on your TOP 5's! Wonderful!
34. Archangelina wrote:
 Amazing as usual, Login. Basic training wasn't too bad. I was the most improved in my division, which is always easy to achieve when you start out at the bottom of the pile, and still make it, heehee. I should log in more often, but I rarely have the i
35. danila wrote:
 great indeed, wonderful depiction..Thanks for your nice words. I found that qweeky is offering me the tools ZI need to really express my self and learn more on how to draw!!Pass by there, click my name on Top Artists and you'll see what I mean.Thanks agai
36. marg wrote:
 You're a wonderful inspiration !
37. zum117 wrote:
 I missed the many of the beautiful creativity of you thank u for your care of me
38. danila wrote:
39. marg wrote:
 LOL.. sorry about the delay, and no.. but more details very soon ! - and this remains an excellent picture !
40. nannakay wrote:
 beautiful as always! Thanks for asking about Raydog. Things are starting to take a toll on him. Hope to know more when results of pet scan are back.
41. nannakay wrote:
 sorry it took so long. I just got back on here.
42. Ilikecolor wrote:
 This is a beauty.(I must've voted for it before because the vote # didn't change.) Anyway, I saved you a piece of that cake in the freezer & thanks for your comment!
43. midnightpoet wrote:
 Happy Birthday!!
44. Login wrote:
 Thank you for the birthday greeting, midnight ... and thanks to you all for your generous comments.
45. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Happy Birthday Login (have a lovely day) best wishes x
46. inked_gemini wrote:
 This is belated of course, but I wanted to send you a Happy Birthday wish anyway. I hope the day was as bright and as wonderful as the person celebrating it. ;)
47. Login wrote:
 :D Thanks steve and i_g ... I am so enjoying these lovely birthday greetings.
48. hanging wrote:
 Ahhh! I missed your birthday, Login...!!! Hope you had a lovely day with your family and friends. And I miss your drawing too...!
49. Login wrote:
 Thanks, hanging. I did have a very enjoyable birthday. 'Have been very busy elsewhere but hope to draw again soon. I do look in ... 'hate to miss the good drawings.
50. Willow wrote:
 I was just going through your gallery, and WOW, your talent is amazing! I am honored that you like my art. Thank you for your comments.
51. nannakay wrote:
 I just wanted you to know Raydog passed away today. I knew you had asked how he was.
52. arty wrote:
 Sorry, I missed your birthday. Belated ( very much so ) good wishes. Been a bit sick these last two months, although I still did go into TD, from time to time. Just don't know how I missed your birthday. Age is creeping up I suppose!!!
53. zum117 wrote:
 thank you for your kind comment best wishes for u
54. matthew wrote:
 Just notice you had not drawn for nearly the same amount of time as I've been dormant... We might be the same... ... ... Awe nevermind :)
55. Login wrote:
56. mrozowski wrote:
 Lovely pic and thank you for the birthday greetings. I always enjoy your pics.
57. kleinrock wrote:
 my family is from ireland this draw make my grandma cry i dont know why she ok tho good luck of the irish
58. gair wrote:
 Beautiful landscape. Thanks for checkin out my gallery and commenting on some old stuff. Forgot how wonderful this site is. You are terrific!
59. Robyntalks wrote:
 amazingly beautiful
60. methusalinka wrote:
 this is a beauty of art a n d a tree filled with faith
61. kindra wrote:
 I want to have lunch under this tree and contemplate life.