Title: Happy birthday, puzzler
created on 13 Dec 10

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1. mrozowski wrote:
 Happy Birthday, Puzzler! Login, I like your tradition of reproducing someone's work as a birthday gift. This is a really good homage.
2. hanging wrote:
 Ah Login, beautiful snowscape... I hear the footsteps.
3. jennifk wrote:
 Quite nice. A cold snap in the air, despite the sunlight.
4. polenta wrote:
 yes, happy birthday
5. pinkie wrote:
 Lovely tree and shadows. A very good picture!
6. matthew wrote:
 Ever notice that when a puzzle gets old, the pieces get loose??? Here is hoping your pieces fit tightly for another year... ;) FYI: ♥ those tree branches Login...
7. Brunnhilde wrote:
 A stunningly beautiful drawing - had to add it to my faves.
8. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Happy Birthday, Puzzler...login very nice Snow scene - love the shading and tree.
9. DilCoura wrote:
 Adoro quadros em preto e branco,este está lindo!!!!!
10. suzytron wrote:
 so lovely great job!
11. Normal wrote:
 My best to Puzzler as well! And what a great winter scene!
12. Ilikecolor wrote:
13. Login wrote:
 mrozowski, this a simplified reproduction of a photograph, taken by Bella West and published in The Blackmore Vale Magazine on 10 December 2010. If you know the lady, please give her my compliments and congratulations for a really stunning photo.
14. Login wrote:
 ... my attempt to draw it does not do her photo justice.
15. tifsmom wrote:
 Great winter pic. Cooled me off a little...we are expecting a high near 80 degrees in Phoenix today
16. 0987654321 wrote:
 this is a very good pic. couldn't do better myself.
17. suzze wrote:
18. gimzer wrote:
19. zum117 wrote:
20. hxxhxx wrote:
21. marg wrote:
 another great pic .. more soon, I hope !
22. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 takes me back to long walks in the snow with my Grandad... thank you
23. Login wrote:
 Thank you for your warming comments.
24. lilalee wrote:
 This is just beautiful!!
25. puzzler wrote:
 Thank you Login! Don't you just love the snow?!!
26. Login wrote:
 To put it politely, puzzler ... no.
27. nancylee wrote:
 This is amazing Login. Happy Birthday a little late Puzzler.
28. marius wrote:
 Voted on this but busy, commenting now. LOVE this! And, Happy B-day Puzzler. PS I don't love the snow either.
29. hjjr wrote:
 great pic, as always... Have a wonderful Christmas time, Login!
30. DebbieBreau wrote:
 love it...great work as always..happy birthday to you...and many more.
31. nancylee wrote:
 Finished Debbie's snowman, Your turn.
32. mdawrcn wrote:
 Congratulations on being in the Top 5! Well done.
33. MusicJo wrote:
 Hi. Happy new year to you. Good idea! my address is joanna.furneaux@btinternet.com
34. zum117 wrote:
 Congratulations on top 5 I wish see your art always
35. golehto wrote:
 congrad :)
36. clorophilla wrote:
 Thank you Login for having noticed that pic... I was surprised to see no one else had drawn the eclypse. It's an interesting challenge bc of the spacial light - a sort of twiligth, but without the warm shadow of the evening...
37. Member wrote:
 Beautiful Picture Congralutions on TOP 5 :)
38. Login wrote:
 matthew, this one got loose in December and I'm still trying to catch it.
39. shahbanoo wrote:
 like this
40. pollyesther wrote:
 I sure hope you get time to draw again soon...you inspire me too=)
41. marg wrote:
 typical puzzler.. this is what happens when you send your dog out for a walk - you spend the next week looking for it !
42. Login wrote:
 You're right, marg. It was last seen on Abbey Walk. Perhaps we should ask puzzler to draw a dog-catcher.
43. mdawrcn wrote:
 Yes Login. Lizzi rearranged my letters to call me mcdrawn, saying it was easier to say. She is funny.
44. Login wrote:
45. KJLavigne wrote:
46. baby wrote:
 So lovely!
47. Robyntalks wrote:
48. puzzler wrote:
 Thank you Login, for the good wishes, two years on from this card. That's true recycling! No time for art. Still working full time. Have a lovely Christmas!