Title: St Andrew's Day - for arty
created on 30 Nov 10

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1. Login wrote:
 ... and for all Scots, wherever you are.
2. Login wrote:
 Phew! I scraped this in with minutes to spare. It's almost tomorrow in Scotland.
3. matthew wrote:
 lol... you are a nut...
4. Login wrote:
5. Login wrote:
 ... and I think it's yesterday in Australia.
6. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Great flag, fluttering nicely from a part Scot not far away over the border ....
7. jennifk wrote:
 great flag!
8. mum23 wrote:
 ...actually, at the moment it's very much today here in Australia ;) .... but St. Andrew's day was yesterday! ... and, you're the very best kind of nut there is!
9. mum23 wrote:
 Lovely flag, by the way! ;)
10. mekeys wrote:
  ..Great flag..
11. arty wrote:
 Oh Login, thanks for your beautiful flag. I have not been on TD, this week so nearly missed this. My dear brother James passed away , same day as katpedro's dear husband. He lived in Wales, so I never got to the funeral.Nor did the rest of the Scottish fa
12. arty wrote:
 family due to the bad weather. I hope where you are ,conditions are better.
13. Login wrote:
 Oh arty, I'm so sorry to hear this. Sad too that you were unable to travel from SA due to bad weather. It's fowl in most parts of UK but, here in the south west, we are getting only light snow falls ... so far.
14. Login wrote:
 My thoughts are with you, arty.
15. artdillon wrote:
 nice to see the saltire flying high,defining pic considering arty s terrible news.
16. zum117 wrote:
 good flag & all your pic too
17. Login wrote:
 Delete 'fowl' -- 'insert foul' (embarrassed smile)
18. danila wrote:
19. Haniix wrote:
 :D It's brilliant and it's Scottish, what's not to love?
20. marg wrote:
 I'm so sorry, Login.. I thought I'd commented before (probably on the fowl - hee hee) - what a great flag and lovely thought
21. Shanley wrote:
 nice idea!
22. Normal wrote:
 Missed your lovely tribute to Arty and Scots wha' hae! So thoughtful.
23. kit605 wrote:
 This is a wonderful pic I love it!!!