Title: Old Fashioned Girl
created on 30 Nov 08

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Comments on this picture (17):
1. Scrivener wrote:
 I really like this... the border reminds me of a needlepoint sampler.
2. lynnspotter wrote:
 Yes, very antique looking! It's beautiful.
3. Tim42 wrote:
4. matthew wrote:
 She is beautiful
5. nancylee wrote:
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is excellent!
7. hxxhxx wrote:
 wonderfully expressive face
8. Birgitta wrote:
9. Loni wrote:
 This has to be the best in this category .... so unique
10. marg wrote:
 Missed this one.. it's beaut !
11. Raina wrote:
12. SillySly wrote:
13. 1020 wrote:
 i nearly missed it. . . but its too amazing to miss!
14. Illini1515 wrote:
 this is a good picture what it is made out of
15. earthfriendly11 wrote:
 This is wonderful. I love it!
16. hakkai102 wrote:
 very cute :x
17. phlurb wrote:
 U, r an artist. :D!

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