Title: Easter Island Head
created on 29 Nov 08

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1. palmasbob wrote:
 YA! This is for real..GREAT.
2. hdwildmustang wrote:
 Ahu Ko Te Riku - The only Moai with Eyes
3. marg wrote:
 Big ear or little ear ? (& this one's beaut !)
4. hdwildmustang wrote:
 Thanks palmasbob!...:)
5. Raina wrote:
 Wow! This is fantastic!
6. Baldur wrote:
7. Scrivener wrote:
 Not the more stereotypic profile shot (which probably would've been easier to depict), either.
8. Birgitta wrote:
 Kinda looks like Rick James. Or Raul... (kidddding...;) Seriously, nice work! Good choice for the stone's tones/hue also.
9. phlurb wrote:
 That's really cool! It looks like he's recording himself since there is a little bit of black on the body! :)!
10. phlurb wrote:
 His head also makes it look like he's recording himself.
11. phlurb wrote:
 Since it tilts back a little bit. Sorry i keep using different squares. i keep 4getting to type more stuff. And trust me, this is the last. ;)

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