Title: "Praying Mantes"
created on 29 Nov 08

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Comments on this picture (17):
1. Raina wrote:
 I love it!
2. Birgitta wrote:
 Thanks. :)
3. Tim42 wrote:
 Just curious: how young are the kids that look at this site, and how do you explain the Dr.Bear pics?
4. Birgitta wrote:
 My son, Brian, is 12, my daughter's 14. As far as explaining, I don't.(They're banned from coming here for the time being.) What I said to Baldur was said in good fun. ;)
5. Scrivener wrote:
 Wow, this is terrific... I noticed the tiny thorn-like bits on the back of the foreleg... nice!
6. Birgitta wrote:
 Thanks, Scrivener. :)
7. approximalia wrote:
 Your mantis is excellent! :)
8. nancylee wrote:
 What a wonderful expression it has.
9. Birgitta wrote:
 Thanks so much Approximalia & Nancylee. Much appreciated!
10. Saja wrote:
 You really have an eye for minimalism...this is like an Eric Carle childrens' book illustration...niiice :-)
11. Birgitta wrote:
 Hey Saja, thanks! I actually illustrated a children's book. (and wrote it) You got me. ;) Besides that, I love minimalism. I think you pretty much nailed me all around..heh.
12. arty wrote:
 Love it.
13. BoDean_lp wrote:
 Well, gave up on my picture because when I logged in, I lost all of my work that I spent an hour on. oh Well. NICE MANTIS. I could(n't) do better.
14. Login wrote:
 This is brilliant.
15. xXstellalunaXx wrote:
 Cool!! What children's book? I mean, the name.
16. Birgitta wrote:
 (If you google my name, you'll see it all over the place.) Name: Birgitta Lindsey Take care. ;)
17. brigsis wrote:

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