Title: "Treblinka"
created on 27 Nov 08

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1. Kraughne wrote:
 Lovely pattern with a subtle story. I give you: *****
2. Birgitta wrote:
 Why thank you m'aam. Treblinka, as you know..was a death camp.
3. Scrivener wrote:
4. xXstellalunaXx wrote:
 *shaking* scary! But it really is a lovely pattern! :3
5. hxxhxx wrote:
 Ok, think I get it ... barbed wire covered in plant growth ... ghastly death camp that is weed overgrown ... Treblinka. Um.
6. Birgitta wrote:
 Close. ;) I wanted to portray the bit of hope and beauty that can be found even in such an awful place such as that. Glimpses of life seen through the ugliness..
7. Jovi wrote:
 Hi Birgitta. I know you did not intend this idea, but my first take on your image was: "Even as the death camp is slowly taken over by nature and returned stone by broken stone to earth ... that we need to remember that the death camps existed... and no
8. Jovi wrote:
 ... and not so very long ago. You made a haunting and unusual image of Treblinka.
9. Birgitta wrote:
 Yes, Jovi. I agree. I've spent the better part of 20 years researching Auschwitz, Treblinka, Warsaw, etc. (not extensively) also, I've been to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. I feel a strong attachment to their stories for some reason and they re
10. Birgitta wrote:
 remain a strong part of my life. Funny, but you never have to actually "meet" certain people for them to become part of who you are..

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