Title: Queen Amidala
created on 18 Aug 10

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Comments on this picture (28):
1. 56rosie wrote:
 WOW!!! Incredible work Suzze!
2. Burgandy wrote:
 Everything you do - you bring it to life! I look forward to your work!
3. polenta wrote:
 This deserves a favorite I don't have. It's more than I have seen in months on TD. PERFECTION!!!!!!!! great, great art
4. bluemoon wrote:
 Intense expression and skillful execution.
5. kyung wrote:
 WOW! She's telling me so many stories of her life... very dramatic!
6. GingerNinja wrote:
7. clorophilla wrote:
 Amazing likeness, great portrait!!
8. karbs wrote:
 Ditto Burgandy! You are AMAZING suzze!
9. Normal wrote:
 FANTASTIC! In all senses of the word.
10. gimzer wrote:
 Not enough words in the thesaurus. Extraordinary.
11. Lizzi wrote:
 You have wowed us all again, suzze. Amidala didn't need an introduction!
12. hanging wrote:
 Oh Suzze, this is beautiful and amazing!!! Love this!
13. arty wrote:
 Completely amazing. I'm speechless.
14. Riku wrote:
 it looks real, great.
15. indigo wrote:
 OMG,OMG! I'm in awe! I'm speechless too but I'm feeling joy!!
16. hjjr wrote:
 beautiful and beautifully done, suzze!!
17. mdawrcn wrote:
 Wow! Very nice!
18. Jazzlet wrote:
19. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Suzze you talented Lady, this one belongs with my favourites, amongst other pictures of yours. I think Natalie Portman would love it.
20. Roxas wrote:
21. WildWillyHintHint wrote:
22. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Lovely work.
23. hxxhxx wrote:
 oohh, she is beautiful!
24. danila wrote:
 great indeed...beautiful..
25. gair wrote:
 Congrats on top5
26. iella wrote:
27. 07incee wrote:
 how long did that take you to do
28. blob wrote: