Title: Lonely, howling for the pack
created on 07 Jul 10

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Comments on this picture (30):
1. Dragon wrote:
 Oh how wonderful!
2. Hazer wrote:
 Fantastic...well done!
3. sheftali52 wrote:
 Very cool wolf
4. lilalee wrote:
 Awwww, he is a beauty!!!
5. clorophilla wrote:
 Intense, beautifully done!
6. bhughes wrote:
 This is great Suzze! Sooooo well done. Lobo is beautiful.
7. hanging wrote:
 This shows the great sentiment... Beautiful.
8. skynyrd wrote:
 Outstanding , excellant !!!!
9. solange62 wrote:
10. pinkie wrote:
 Good picture. Well done!
11. mdawrcn wrote:
12. polenta wrote:
13. Babyangel2000 wrote:
 aaaaaoooooooooooh! lol this is amazing!
14. indigo wrote:
15. mum23 wrote:
 Excellent wolf... wonderful depiction of the feeling!
16. hjjr wrote:
 beautifully done. . .
17. gair wrote:
 Well done!!!
18. stevedover1965 wrote:
 ditto mum 23
19. gimzer wrote:
 very well done
20. katpedro wrote:
 Just great
21. pinklady wrote:
 Great pic! well done!
22. danila wrote:
23. Login wrote:
 Nicely done.
24. Sharon1995 wrote:
 that is very very great and nice
25. nasonaso wrote:
 this is awesome
26. NADIA wrote:
27. greenjade6 wrote:
 I LOVE it!
28. solange62 wrote:
 I love it too, and congratulations in TOP 5!
29. pollyesther wrote:
 Beautifully done! congrats!
30. ellieRL wrote:
 you have really made me want to sit down and do something amazing as that but i know i will never be as good as you!!! well done on top 5!!!!!!!!!!