Title: fifa 10
created on 16 Jun 10

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1. Jessyrox wrote:
 it was fun to draw this
2. freespirit wrote:
 what is this supposed to be, a soccer player...butt still
3. freespirit wrote:
 he has a flowery shirt...butt still
4. Jessyrox wrote:
5. mimilove68 wrote:
6. freespirit wrote:
 r u a girl?????...butt still?????
7. Jessyrox wrote:
8. freespirit wrote:
 will u go out with me...butt still
9. Jessyrox wrote:
 not after your comments (maybe)
10. freespirit wrote:
 you broke my little heart...why have you been so mean lately...
11. Jessyrox wrote:
 why have been so mean
12. freespirit wrote:
 and i purposely didn't put ...butt still because i kow you don't like that and i only say it when i'm happy...too bad i'm not...and it's all you're fault...
13. freespirit wrote:
 i like your picture...
14. freespirit wrote:
 ur not too nice
15. Jessyrox wrote:
 Fine dont be happy its youre owne actions and i was playing to!
16. freespirit wrote:
 alexi don't put that it's mean
17. alexi wrote:
 come on...go out with him...saying butt still is fun...butt still...lol...:)
18. FacebookObsessed wrote:
 Thats creepy... do you know that person in real life? Their probably a 40 year old creeper...

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