Title: Pebble Beach
created on 25 Apr 10

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1. debray wrote:
 Oh....What a stunningly beautiful scene!!!
2. debray wrote:
 I just saw an episode of I Dream of Jeanie about a week ago...Loved that show when I was very small..Even had a Jeanie Barbie doll...Wish I still had THAT..$$$
3. stevedover1965 wrote:
 It's reminiscent of the beaches on the SE Kent coast, mostly pebbled with bits of seaweed and flotsam and Seagulls everywhere.
4. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Jeanie Barbie doll...I bet there are not many of those around anymore, nevermind Debs you can still watch the show and draw on TD xx
5. susanfiredragon wrote:
 how lovely!!!
6. Normal wrote:
 Those pebbles are so pretty I want to walk about & look more closely.
7. spam wrote:
 This is the best pic yet - so wonderful great description! pb is so good to watch.
8. arty wrote:
 Great. The waves really look as if they are rolling
9. Login wrote:
 Excellent ... love the pebbles.
10. kernowman wrote:
 super job well done..
11. gocards wrote:
 great waves
12. polenta wrote:
 looks like a quiet place and the best is the bird flying over there. GOOD PIC!!!
13. Shanley wrote:
 great pic...makes you feel the salted air instantly...and the bird is like a cherry on the cake!
14. katpedro wrote:
15. marius wrote:
 VERY Pretty! Love the rolling ocean waves. Great effect.
16. clorophilla wrote:
 I love this one!!
17. golehto wrote:
 love this ,, so real :)
18. mum23 wrote:
 Beautifully evocative... the pebbles, the rolling waves, the bird...all perfect!
19. hjjr wrote:
 wowza. . .
20. skynyrd wrote:
 nice work Steve
21. clorophilla wrote:
 I love the waves and the seagull!
22. selingo wrote: