Title: RIP Robin
created on 13 Aug 14

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Comments on this picture (22):
1. Normal wrote:
 Well done, Steve! Sorry it took such an occasion to bring you back.
2. stevedover1965 wrote:
 I felt I needed to do something for this man...So sad!
3. Burgandy wrote:
 Nice tribute with a very strong resemblance.
4. indigo wrote:
 Thanks Steve! Well done! My family and I still can't believe it.... very sad indeed! -L-
5. kmkagle wrote:
 Nice pic of a wonderful comedy person. Thank you!
6. katidid wrote:
 So sad. He will be missed by millions world wide.
7. bluemoon wrote:
 A very good tribute.
8. hjjr wrote:
 he gave himself to the world... nicely done
9. mrozowski wrote:
 Nice pic. The SF Bay Area is especially devastated by his passing. We lost not only a great comedian/actor, but one of our own.
10. clrmered wrote:
 May the Lord send His Comforter to comfort the hearts of those saddened from this loss, loved by many.
11. Lizzi wrote:
 Excellent likeness, Steve, and a touching tribute. Thank you for doing what so many of us could not.
12. KliaMia wrote:
 Such a lovely tribute. Well done!
13. starlight7 wrote:
 Very Good Pic. A Great Talent, A Great Friend too so many people. Depression Sucks!
14. nancylee wrote:
 Beautifully done. So sad.
15. marg wrote:
 great pic, Steve - he meant so much to so many people
16. Login wrote:
 Excellent portrait, Steve. He brought you back here ... that's good.
17. clorophilla wrote:
 a sad great tribute. Such a loss!
18. katidid wrote:
 Your tribute made a deserving Top 5, well done.
19. maysnowball514 wrote:
 the fonz was the best... :(
20. indigo wrote:
 Mar.24,2015 Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Steve! Hope all is well with you. You are missed Dragon Man! *}*
21. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Thank you Indigo
22. lexa wrote:
 i knew who it was - just a beautiful remembrance. . .