Title: Azure Coast
created on 25 Apr 10

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Comments on this picture (10):
1. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Hope this does well, would love this to make the gallery
2. katpedro wrote:
 Very nice.
3. emm116 wrote:
4. Shanley wrote:
 it should do well...i can surely tell it's a carefully planned pic! and the colors are wonderful!
5. mum23 wrote:
 Lovely picture...you caught the rolling waves beautifully!
6. Normal wrote:
 Splendid azure color -super coastal scene.
7. spam wrote:
 Love the beautiful rolling sea.
8. debray wrote:
 Love this,,,Great job on the waves!!
9. mrozowski wrote:
 Love the wave action.
10. bhughes wrote:
 great motion, caught the scene very well.