Title: Beagle
created on 21 Mar 10

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Comments on this picture (45):
1. Heidi2323 wrote:
 How sweet.
2. methinks wrote:
 Beautiful! I'm impressed with how well you did the shadows.
3. kernowman wrote:
 ace picture..
4. evaa wrote:
 wow very nice!!!!!!
5. five wrote:
6. kmkagle wrote:
 Excellent! Terrific job.
7. polenta wrote:
 LOOKS REAL!!!!!!!!
8. debray wrote:
 Great job!!
9. Login wrote:
 That's a stunning drawing. Very lifelike.
10. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
 Fantastic art work
11. Sarahad524 wrote:
12. Shanley wrote:
 lol, Jazzlet. such a funny thing to use a seal's nose for a dog. you made it fit perfectly! very nice work!
13. Luna wrote:
 Very nice!
14. katpedro wrote:
15. skynyrd wrote:
 great work
16. puzzler wrote:
 He/she's lovely!
17. sheftali52 wrote:
 Wonderfully done!!
18. lilalee wrote:
 He is a sweetheart!!
19. mebu27 wrote:
 stunning work
20. indigo wrote:
 WELL DONE!! adorable!
21. nancylee wrote:
 What a sweety! I have a beagle in my drawings. Cute, but nothing like this. This is really art!
22. marius wrote:
 Adorable! Very nice pic!
23. Hazer wrote:
24. danila wrote:
25. Normal wrote:
 Just beautifully done!
26. hjjr wrote:
 just so sweet. . .
27. lynnspotter wrote:
 Congrats on your Top 5 pics!! Beautiful!
28. Login wrote:
  Hearty congratulation on a well deserved Top 5.
29. mimilove68 wrote:
 so cute
30. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats Jazzlet!
31. tkeys wrote:
 Beautiful ! Perfect.
32. kate35 wrote:
 love it ! it looks like my freinds dog
33. tMan wrote:
 I have a beagle too, but this looks like I can reach out and touch it.
34. golehto wrote:
 ur work is lovely. every single one of them :)
35. NADIA wrote:
 Beautiful dog,and you got everything just right!Love it!
36. sunnysnow11 wrote:
37. Zoozie wrote:
 like the detail!
38. Peasy wrote:
 very good pic! I love dogs and this beagle is so cute! Congrats on the Top5 selection.
39. megadogluver wrote:
 saying it's amazing would be under estimating it bravo
40. phoebe wrote:
 very good
41. Jazzlet wrote:
 Thank you all for your complimentary remarks, I really enjoyed doing this one, being a doglover myself.
42. Aira wrote:
 It's beautiful! I love this one!
43. danceforever51 wrote:
 i love this one its sooo cute
44. phlurb wrote:
 So cute! I LOVE BEAGLES! GREAT JOB! U know, i love all of ur drawings! :D!
45. brigid wrote: