Title: Herbie on the window
created on 09 Mar 10

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Comments on this picture (33):
1. lilalee wrote:
 Most bugs, I like, except ones with legs as these!! Yikes!! Good drawing!!
2. five wrote:
 so good, it creeped me out:)
3. Baldur wrote:
 this is perfect, great job
4. sheftali52 wrote:
 Ack--this is too realistic!
5. Ilikecolor wrote:
 That's awesome!
6. pollyesther wrote:
7. kernowman wrote:
 nice spider..
8. polenta wrote:
9. Shanley wrote:
 good pic, looks so real
10. gocards wrote:
 He's looking at me!!
11. macca wrote:
 He looks sooooo real. Fabulous spider!!
12. indigo wrote:
 Excellent spider...and he has a name too ;0! My brother gives them names too...
13. NADIA wrote:
 Do not want that near me,but the picture is Fantastic!
14. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
 great pic
15. Normal wrote:
 Excellent! Hope he's OUTside.
16. puzzler wrote:
 Ugh! I really don't want to vote for this, but it's so lifelike, I just have to!
17. Login wrote:
 Oh gosh! This is too realistic for comfort.
18. marius wrote:
 Love the name and the pic! Our fav garden spider was named "Hans." ; )
19. nancylee wrote:
20. debray wrote:
 Great job...But if Herbie were in my window, he'd be a dead Herbie!!!
21. marg wrote:
 congratulations, skynyrd - great pic !
22. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5. Having a fear of spiders, I just hope it stays there!
23. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Congrats on Top 5. Don't know how this one was missed last month.
24. belladonnis wrote:
 Congrats!!!!!! We had a big spider like this one in our window!
25. danila wrote:
26. hjjr wrote:
 congrats. . .
27. mama wrote:
 nice legs
28. susanfiredragon wrote:
 that is so cool
29. Aira wrote:
 Great pic!
30. pinklady wrote:
 Wow, Love it!
31. manjot wrote:
 Awesome! Looks real! :)
32. evefoster wrote:
 I built a small pond three years ago in my backyard, this spring we have a new friend that makes his web over the water, I names him Spidy, original, right?Anyway, he looks just like your drawing!
33. evefoster wrote:
 oops! Typing error! (I names him Spidy) meant to say, or type rather, I named him Spidy.

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