Title: Jezebel
created on 24 Sep 09

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Comments on this picture (36):
1. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Oh, that neck is so elegant! Beautiful picture!
2. pollyesther wrote:
 WOW! great portrait Login, the neck and the chin are exquisite! she looks like Carol Burnett.
3. Peasy wrote:
 You amaze me!! (I should be used to it from you) I like the neck, but the hair is what I especially like. Great job, Login. :)
4. Login wrote:
 I tried Qsilv's technique ('curious') but she would have used the white background ... I just kill it. I watched this woman grow older as I plastered on the pixels.
5. DMarcella wrote:
 Wow this is beautiful.
6. lilalee wrote:
 She is lovely!!
7. kaylynn wrote:
 Her hair is beautiful. Just a lovely picture.
8. Normal wrote:
 Every thing you "plastered on" just made her beautiful. Lots of work; great result!
9. lilalee wrote:
 The playback is so interesting to watch, Login. She does grow older, yet it seemed like a slow process, which made it most interesting!! Love it!!
10. DMarcella wrote:
 I don't know how you do these drawing, you make it look like it is so easy for you.
11. mekeys wrote:
 Another great one..
12. gocards wrote:
 wonderful picture
13. sheftali52 wrote:
 Holy cow--this is wonderful in so many aspects! Thanks for taking the time to create this masterpiece!!
14. Hazer wrote:
 Beautifully done!
15. kyung wrote:
 Masterpiece again by you!!
16. coho wrote:
 Very fine!
17. NADIA wrote:
18. katpedro wrote:
 Another Great.
19. hjjr wrote:
 Beautiful -- just beautiful!!
20. marg wrote:
 oh.. the neck, the shading, the hair - really wonderful, Login.. and I just LOVE the touch of green with the earring !
21. Luna wrote:
22. polenta wrote:
23. polenta wrote:
 it deserves to be a favorite but I already have five. It's excellent
24. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is a real beauty--I've had to come back and gaze at it more than once.
25. marius wrote:
 Wow! That's all I can say. Wow!
26. mrozowski wrote:
 Reminds me of Vanessa Redgrave. I love the look of accomplishment on her face. Well done.
27. matthew wrote:
 Another of the MANY pics I missed while I was away this past month... This is surely one of your best...
28. Arw65 wrote:
 this beautiful! congratulations on top 5
29. matthew wrote:
 Congratulations on another well deserved top 5 pic...
30. pollyesther wrote:
 gratz on top 5! you did a beautiful job!
31. Peasy wrote:
 Congratz on 4 Top5's!! Awesome pix!
32. kyung wrote:
 Congrats on top 5s!
33. marg wrote:
 brill - well done !
34. giraffe wrote:
 Reminds me of Edith Piaf. What skill you have.
35. hyazdi wrote:
 how can ANYBODY compete with a GREAT picture like that
36. relena wrote: