Title: Autumn came at last. For marg
created on 31 Oct 13


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1. Login wrote:
 Belated birthday wishes, marg.
2. Lizzi wrote:
 Oh Login, I love this. When you post a masterpiece at the end of the month, how can I favourite it? We need more Faves!!!!!! May I add my belated BD wishes to Marg?
3. Normal wrote:
 And it's this beautiful for about three minutes! We're losing our red leaves to long-awaited rain tonight.
4. five wrote:
 beautiful so nice to see you drawing
5. bugoy1 wrote:
 I like the textural feel.
6. pinkie wrote:
 Lovely picture!
7. caa649 wrote:
8. mrozowski wrote:
 Very compelling. The elements come together to reveal a sense of beautiful, fleeting Autumn.
9. Jdtrozsnyai wrote:
 Thank you Login for all your kind comments.
10. priya41 wrote:
 Lovely pic so well done! And thankyou Login for all youur lovely comments!
11. AFSOUTH wrote:
 What a truly beautiful autumn presentation!
12. Hazer wrote:
 So lovely! What a perfect addition to your gallery!
13. Hobbes wrote:
14. indigo wrote:
 Good to see you! I definitely agree with all the above! Sadly no room left in favs. I hope you weathered that nasty storm without too much damage. *J*
15. clorophilla wrote:
 ...whit all its beauty... so happy to see you drawing!
16. hjjr wrote:
 this is gorgeous... we don't get to see your pics enough, Login
17. bluemoon wrote:
 hello! this is wonderful.
18. marg wrote:
 whoowee.. thanks, Login - and what perfect timing for Halloween and my birthday ! - sooo good to see you drawing again, buddy :)
19. golehto wrote:
  this is absently beautiful :)
20. Qsilv wrote:
 ohhh I'd walk along this path... and I've so missed seeing through your inner eye!
21. suzze wrote:
 :) A wonderful treat to see your art.
22. Jazzlet wrote:
 This is beautiful, I love the shadows cast on the path, it looks like a photo rather than a drawing.
23. mdawrcn wrote:
 Very nice to see you!
24. arty wrote:
 Beautiful . Nice to see you are keeping your hand in. Hope the storms did not reach your area. Keep well.
25. Login wrote:
 They did, arty, but fortunately the damage was minimal. We lost the plum tree and several fence panels bu the house is intact and no locals hurt. It was nowhere near as damaging as the storm of 1987. I suppose we make a big fuss about such storms in UK be
26. Login wrote:
 Thank you all for your kind comments ... it's good to 'see' old friends and enjoy the warmth of this community.
27. Login wrote:
 oops! (continued from 25)... because in UK we rarely experience the extremes in weather that are inflicted many other parts of the world.
28. Login wrote:
 (pink faced about that muddled sentence)
29. mum23 wrote:
 Wonderful to see you! You haven't lost your touch... this is magical! (belated birthday wishes to marg too...)
30. pinkie wrote:
 Congrats on Top5!
31. hjjr wrote:
 congratulations... i am so glad this is top 5!
32. golehto wrote:
 congrats on top 5:)
33. sandm wrote:
 sehr schön (beautiful:)
34. DilCoura wrote:
 Mereceu Top 5 parabens!!!!
35. indigo wrote:
 Congratulations Login! *J*
36. Bowden wrote:
 What a beautiful place.
37. gimzer wrote:
 very beautiful
38. hjjr wrote:
 Thanks for you kind words. All good things to you for the new year, Login, and hope to see more of your art. Cheers!
39. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Happy New Year
40. Login wrote:
 Thank you, TD friends. I look in at least once a month ... still enjoying your art.
41. marius wrote:
 This is lovely! Thanks for your sweet comment to me. Will probably get to drawing again sometime. Fairies are keeping me busy. Built them a garden 18' by 2.5' and neighbor boyds helped. It's cute with ferns, house, patio, paths and such. : )
42. marius wrote:
 Back to this picture ... it's really quite lovely. Would like to go for a stroll in it.
43. Shanley wrote:
44. Qsilv wrote:
 Thanks for the kind comment on my flag, but this one of yours is the kind of "country" I really love! Hey, I tried sending xmas email to you, marg, marius and mum23; only mum's made it. Happy new year anyway! ;p
45. Lizzi wrote:
 Thank you for you kind comments, Login. I had not noticed that I had made it so many times. As for the top 5 record, Clo has only missed top 5 in one month since she joined in 2009(?).
46. Login wrote:
 Wow! That is an amazing achievement. Well, you're up there with the best, even so.
47. lesley_gene wrote:
 A real treat to see a picture by you! I've missed this one. What a delight!
48. priya41 wrote:
 it was WONDERFUL reading your comments Login! i enjoy reading your interesting comments, thank you so much! :))) we are missing your pics!
49. lesley_gene wrote:
 Hoping the harsh weather has not effected you and your family. It has been a rough winter. Hoping for a bright and sunny spring. I have family in the UK.
50. lesley_gene wrote:
 I have sisters on the East coast, and cabin Fever is running rampant. Fortunately they have been safe, but they say this is the worst winter they can remember back there. Here, I get excited about a little rain. So dry..
51. Archangelina wrote:
 I have reappeared again! And am once again taken with your use of color and movement. Even your landscapes seem to sway. :)
52. brigsis wrote:
 Hi! Thank you for your kind words on my TD guy picture :) I hope to be inspired to draw again soon
53. mum23 wrote:
 Every time I see this beauty, it takes my breath away. It's so good to have you back here again... hope you'll stay a while. :)
54. Shanley wrote:
 couldn't help stopping to admire this one again....a true masterpiece!