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1. Ilikecolor wrote:
2. Qsilv wrote:
 so who on earth gave it the low vote? pfff... boringly predictable brats. This is soooo a 5! Had it on my list to try, but frankly I think you've done way better than I would've. You're a treat!
3. dreamweaver wrote:
 Thanks Qsilv. It had 2 low votes within seconds of going up :(
4. KStanley wrote:
 This is wonderful. So sorry that the children come out to play and ruin everyones fun. Keep up drawing. This is purr-fect.
5. indigo wrote:
 Breathtaking!! It IS perfect!
6. Baldur wrote:
 absolutely beautiful
7. polenta wrote:
8. slaaga wrote:
 Wow, how beautiful, just gorgeous.
9. coho wrote:
 Thats how my cat sees herself.
10. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is so wonderful and well done!!!
11. kyung wrote:
 WOW!! You are so great! (after Ria) Another great artist is joining us!!
12. Login wrote:
 This is so-o-o-o good ... and very funny. Top 5 for me.
13. Margaret wrote:
 This is beautiful.
14. LadyO wrote:
15. inked_gemini wrote:
 This is so good it's ridiculous.
16. marius wrote:
 That is exactly what my maine coon cat thinks of himself (sees in the mirror). LOVE THIS! Entrancing!
17. mebu27 wrote:
 Good work - This is awesome
18. Watzup wrote:
 Brill! Now can you do one of a lion that sees itself as a cat?!
19. Watzup wrote:
 Are you also Luna? She did a lion, a cat,a dreamcatcher and a skull.
20. DMarcella wrote:
21. klbdazzle wrote:
 Wow. This is amazing!
22. moodyqueen wrote:
 Awesome! 5 from me too
23. cutegrl289 wrote:
 Fantastic! 5*
24. matthew wrote:
 this is wonderful ... truely wonderful
25. Normal wrote:
 Wonderful! The essence of feline psychology.
26. mebu27 wrote:
 this is my fave!! You are the top 5 in my book!
27. mostblessedone wrote:
 Oh, this is priceless! I love it!
28. Robindcr8l wrote:
 I keep coming back to this one. It's absolutely fantastic. One of my all-time favorites on TD. Looks like a real painting! And you "Girl at Vanity" is just awe-inspiring, too! You are a true artist!
29. jimsgal wrote:
 excellent! Sorry I missed it earlier.
30. kaylynn wrote:
31. spring222 wrote:
 It's such a CAT thing! LOL
32. Login wrote:
 This is soooo good.
33. Peasy wrote:
34. Luna wrote:
 Congratulations on top :)
35. Arw65 wrote:
 Congrats on top 5! this is a beauty!
36. kyung wrote:
 Congratulations on top 5!!
37. pollyesther wrote:
 gratz on top 5!
38. Zozo wrote:
39. inked_gemini wrote:
 What can I say that hasn't already been said? Congrats to you!
40. gwinnyb wrote:
 congratulations on top 5. another one I missed but now must add to favorites
41. marius wrote:
 big smile to see this in top 5! congratulations!
42. Shifa wrote:
 this is amazing ...well done!
43. CECILIA wrote:
 Maravilloso simplemente maravilloso¬°¬°¬° felicitaciones
44. hxxhxx wrote:
45. Princess31197 wrote:
 I saw this online in a picture!
46. janki9 wrote:
 that is such a good picture and it is so good because of the tiger reflecting on top of the mirror its soo cool .!you must have spent a lot of time in making it cause its that good !!!!sorry if this message is a bit to big for u to read k but its really c
47. GOLDIEGIRL8 wrote:
 I just love it!!!!!!!!!!
48. OHAD1 wrote:
49. dustlash wrote:
 UTTERLY BRILLIANT ! i never thought you could do something so intricate and detailed ! but youve accomplished that and with perfection. absolute genius !
50. horses wrote:
 I'm proud to be your 60th vote. This is the best!!!!
51. Jazzlet wrote:
 What a brilliant idea and well executed. Love it.
52. truehawk wrote:
 Wonderful. You show us the lion within the house cat.
53. stevedover1965 wrote:
 When someone gets it right on here the results are frankly amazing, and a morality tale thrown in for good measure, I love this and have promptly added it to my growing list of favourites.
54. magdop2 wrote:
 beautiful! that should be in the top 5!
55. bhughes wrote:
 Love this pic. really really good.
56. ramcha_72 wrote:
 i imagine myself so majestic like this cat when i see myself in the mirror!:)
57. katy8 wrote:
 good good good
58. OHAD1 wrote:
59. flowerapo wrote:
60. Alissa wrote:
 i love the hummar behind the "paint"
61. josieh wrote:
 i love it altogether its awesome!
62. MALIAM wrote:
 wow you are a brill artist
63. JadenFicklin wrote:

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