Title: The Overshot Waterwheel
created on 28 Apr 09

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Comments on this picture (21):
1. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Amazing, just amazing. What a gift you have.
2. kmkagle wrote:
 Really beautiful. Bob Ross (the artist) would love you!
3. Soda wrote:
 thanks for the welcome back...
4. polenta wrote:
 it looks very solid and it must work well. I've seen them in photos.
5. lilalee wrote:
 Just seen a special on the history of these! Nice pic!
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 Very nice--I saw a working water wheel when I lived in Ohio. Old technology, but it works!
7. mostblessedone wrote:
 I didn't think of going to animals to do water, but you have pulled it off very well. I have always had a fascination with water wheels.
8. nancylee wrote:
 Just fantastic! Best use yet of that green piece with the stripes!
9. katpedro wrote:
 Happy u had a good time in the islands. Let me know if u are ever coming to Trinidad. Lovely pic.
10. Login wrote:
 Thanks, katpedro. I may well take you up on that if I manage another trip there.
11. marg wrote:
 Superb - of course !
12. Mila wrote:
 This is very original Login. Congrats very good picture
13. matthew wrote:
 What great vision you have... Loved watching the playback... From begining to end, you saw what you wanted & you made it happen... Perfect!!!
14. NINA wrote:
15. Noor wrote:
 No words can explain. Verrrry wonderful
16. doodler wrote:
 This is absolutely beautiful. I just don'thave the imagination to do anything with animals. Do you ride tandem?My husband wants to tour Europe on a bike,
17. Login wrote:
 Thanks for all your lovely comments. No, doodler ... I've never ridden tandem. Are you both wishing to tour Europe on a bike?
18. sunset wrote:
 i love it from sunset
19. maddyjean08 wrote:
 Amazing, just amazing. you have an amazing gift!
20. kyung wrote:
 Wow!!! I just keep saying,"Wow".
21. Login wrote:
 I've just realised that this wouldn't work. The lower half of the wheel should not be in the mainstream of water because that would have a counter effect on the water coming on to the wheel from the top. The mainstream should be seperated by a wall.