Title: Sewing Machine #1
created on 17 Feb 09

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1. matthew wrote:
 What are you & Ernie making for me??? A new thong perhaps???
2. DMarla wrote:
 I don't have any for myself maybe I should start there, lol.
3. LaDonna wrote:
 You must be looking right at one of these to get this much detail its perfect.
4. matthew wrote:
 I am looking right at it too... but I can't give you any details...
5. Ernie wrote:
 urs is way better than mine, clearly u have actually used one before :P
6. matthew wrote:
 lol @ Ernie
7. DMarla wrote:
 I went to Amazon.com and picked one that I liked. Actually I made a sewing pattern today for a bag that will hold 3 grocery sacks so groceries are easier to carry in. The pattern is one piece only but sewn to form a long wide handle.
8. DMarla wrote:
 I mean I pick a sewing machine on the Amazon.com site to draw.
9. DMarla wrote:
 We can't vote for ourself now, I like that.
10. matthew wrote:
 yes we can
11. DMarla wrote:
 Oh you are right, darn.
12. arty wrote:
 Fantastic, so real looking
13. gwinnyb wrote:
 now there's a machine I can use but not draw, I guess you can do both very well!
14. nancylee wrote:
 Great! I love all the little details
15. katpedro wrote:
 Well, well. What next, you are great.
16. kmkagle wrote:
 Terrific, where's the fabrics and let's go to work! Nice Job.
17. marg wrote:
 love this one.. (5*) .. haven't checked Ernie's yet..
18. MugDots2 wrote:
 amazing detail!
19. Login wrote:
 This is a superb drawing.
20. Luna wrote:
21. puzzler wrote:
 This cannot be described as so so!!
22. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks all. This is so nice; I logged on and saw so many have commented and voted for my picture. Km, I was thinking of the fabric after I did this one.
23. DMarla wrote:
 I am bases these bags I'm making after a free bag I got at a computer show. They are not sold so I can't buy them.
24. Arw65 wrote:
 this is really great! it looks so real!.. i love the pin cushion!!
25. aasd wrote:
 Love the details.
26. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks so much.
27. doodler wrote:
 this really is good.looks so real!
28. DMarla wrote:
29. kenedyschlen123456 wrote:
 wow good job
30. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks so much. I will check out your page in a bit.

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