Title: Penn. Dutch Amish Country
created on 13 Apr 09

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1. DMarcella wrote:
 I've been here too. I love this area. The second time I went my tour guide has grown up with the Amish, his father was paying his debt to them, so I got an insider's view.
2. DMarcella wrote:
 I learned some of their wisdom of some of their thinking and way of doing things.
3. DMarcella wrote:
 -s +d
4. sheftali52 wrote:
 excellent--nice covered bridge!
5. DMarcella wrote:
 This is an Amish buggy with horse but the horse doesn't show much with the buggy behind it.
6. polenta wrote:
 interesting gothic pic.
7. DMarcella wrote:
 Polenta it is a faces picture.
8. lilalee wrote:
 Nice Amish drawing!
9. DMarla wrote:
10. marg wrote:
 Hey, Diane.. an awful lot of work went into this pic - and the result is beautiful !
11. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks Marg so much.
12. DMarcella wrote:
 Thanks Marg so much.

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