Title: Circus Seal
created on 06 Nov 15

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Comments on this picture (13):
1. clrmered wrote:
 very good!!!
2. pinkie wrote:
 Good one! Like the ball!
3. Lizzi wrote:
4. katidid wrote:
 Very nice! Like the shadows!
5. Fangzzz wrote:
 Bravo, really nicely drawn - what a step up on style
6. cwbycroft wrote:
 Thanks everyone! I've been studying the pictures of everyone else and its starting to pay off! I even surprised myself with this one!
7. Shanley wrote:
 such a cute seal! :)
8. 56rosie wrote:
9. Normal wrote:
 Very nicely done!
10. mrmg10 wrote:
 i agree with all of the commenters. to bad i can't type all of that
11. AFSOUTH wrote:
12. katidid wrote:
 Congratulations on your Top 5's!
13. FantasyDream wrote:
 aww! okay this is so cute! ;3;

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