Title: Crested Gibbon
created on 14 Mar 12

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1. mdawrcn wrote:
 Good job! Welcome to Think Draw.
2. mdawrcn wrote:
 Oops, you have been around for a while.
3. five wrote:
 lots of personality
4. KJLavigne wrote:
 Very interesting!
5. DilCoura wrote:
6. pinklady wrote:
 Well done!
7. indigo wrote:
 Well done! :]
8. Normal wrote:
 A handsome fellow!
9. Lizzi wrote:
  I nearly good- looking specimen! Well done.
10. Lizzi wrote:
 omg. My computer is not fixed. I typed 'I nearly missed this one' and it lost most of the sentence. Grrrrr!
11. golehto wrote:
 great work
12. missmegs wrote:
 Thanks everyone! :)
13. bluemoon wrote:
14. Login wrote:
 A real eye-catcher.
15. NADIA wrote:
 He's so Adorable,and very nicely done:)
16. missmegs wrote:
 Thank you!!
17. hjjr wrote:
 good one. . .
18. Login wrote:
 Your best drawing so far, megs, and it makes a good profile picture.
19. clorophilla wrote:
 VERy well done... like as you used the black background... welcome to TD!
20. AFSOUTH wrote:
 I like your style!

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