Title: Friends
created on 20 Feb 12

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1. Tamuraj wrote:
 They are very cute :)
2. pinkie wrote:
 They look so sweet!
3. sandm wrote:
4. tinkerer wrote:
5. Burgandy wrote:
 Looks like my maltese dogs - only they are olser:)
6. matthew wrote:
7. golehto wrote:
 sooooo cute :)
8. Angela wrote:
 Sweet Babies.
9. arty wrote:
 So cuddly.
10. GMTJ wrote:
11. lesley_gene wrote:
 Aw, simply adorable! :)
12. suzze wrote:
13. DilCoura wrote:
14. Shanley wrote:
 two sweeties :)
15. pollyesther wrote:
 Love them, too cute!
16. Hazer wrote:
 Missed these little guys...adorable!
17. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful Bead work!! :)
18. Radrook wrote:
 Wish they were mine. Very nice work!
19. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Wow! A real beauty!
20. flowerapo wrote:
21. snazzy11 wrote:
 awwwww sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
22. redlilypad4 wrote:
23. AJ26 wrote:
 AWWW. they are sooo cute. can i have them?
24. Lizzi wrote:
 ♪Sweeter than candy on a stick...♪
25. artdillon wrote:
 just gorgeous,my brother has two dogs,and i swear this is them as pups .
26. puppies000 wrote:
 are these malteses?, because they look like it, they are sweet
27. puppies000 wrote:
 i rated ur pic
28. methusalinka wrote:
 oh KJLavigne! them puppies. how can they become so a live.on the screen.I could take them up and very carefully hold them, one at a time. and for a moment get into their world.soft pastel..half sleepy half curious looking.You must have seen them be born a
29. methusalinka wrote:
 be born and lie there with their mom being fed, and then licked. you must have seen them before their eyes openened, and seen them have their first bath.and begin to play.together.
30. methusalinka wrote:
 I have no dog.my son and his mate has.but I have only seen photoes.yet. but then on tv yesterday was an hour with newborn puppies.to follow them.almost hold them.and see it all.from birth till 7weeks.it was quite a journey
31. methusalinka wrote:
 and I do not lie when I tell you as I now see some one already did.them puppies shown on animal on tv sending called "too cute"looked like these two.they was labrador retriever and meant to become lead-dogs.
32. methusalinka wrote:
 my son and his mate have a labradoodle..and he also looked much like your puppies when that young.now he is more than 6months.and in the spring I shall sure see him.but now I had these puppies.and your two lovely ones to look at.and almost hold..they mak
33. methusalinka wrote:
  make one almost melt.right!
34. gastongurl wrote:
 That is awesome!
35. Normal wrote:
 10-30-13 How did I miss these sweet pups? Glad you used them for your ID pic!
36. Jdtrozsnyai wrote:
 These are Golden puppies, aren't they? Adorable creatures! Congratulations for the great picture!
37. Jdtrozsnyai wrote:
 Sorry, I meant Golden retriever puppies. They are adorable, I'd like to take them in my arms!
38. KJLavigne wrote:
 Thank you all.