Title: blowing bubbles with view behind
created on 09 Jun 11

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Comments on this picture (20):
1. hanging wrote:
 Also for the challenge "overlapping area"
2. Saxon wrote:
 Very good pictures within picture
3. gimzer wrote:
 If I could vote twice I would. This is so fun!
4. clorophilla wrote:
 Brilliant, great idea!!
5. hjjr wrote:
 so cool!
6. mrozowski wrote:
 Great pic. The pictures in the bubbles are a wonderful surprise.
7. jennifk wrote:
 this is a great idea! Excellent pic.
8. Normal wrote:
 Just amazingly clever. You set yourself some great challenges!
9. autumn wrote:
 happy birthday hanging!
10. Lizzi wrote:
 Happy Birthday! This is so fun!
11. bluemoon wrote:
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! great pic!
12. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Happy Birthday! This is lovely, flowling and so inventive!
13. KJLavigne wrote:
 Love it. Happy BD.
14. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Thanks hanging and big cheers! Happy BD with many happy returns!
15. MusicJo wrote:
 Very unusual.
16. lesley_gene wrote:
 this is so much fun!
17. mekeys wrote:
 .....Ditto's all around.....
18. Willow wrote:
 I love the whimsey in this!
19. indigo wrote:
 This is SO COOL! ;]
20. Login wrote:
 Very refreshing.