Title: hidden stars - on your paths
created on 24 Apr 12

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Comments on this picture (11):
1. indigo wrote:
 HELLO! How nice to see you! Very pretty pic...it looks like white birch trees and lovely foliage. :)
2. AFSOUTH wrote:
 A real beauty and great PB! Always a pleasure to see your art!
3. mdawrcn wrote:
 So good to see you! Great pic.
4. Qsilv wrote:
 ahhh hanging! ...the playback! ;>
5. bluemoon wrote:
 hello again! the PB is amazing
6. clorophilla wrote:
 Hi Hanging, so happy to see you here!! missed your pics!
7. clorophilla wrote:
 ...and the playback... so precious!
8. lesley_gene wrote:
 So glad to you back! Love the PB, and the details of the tree! A beauty!!
9. Lizzi wrote:
 I enjoyed watching the process of creation. It's a beauty! I'm glad you're back.
10. suzze wrote:
11. chelydra wrote:
 Hi... With the new turbocharged gallery, I'm coming to rely on other people's faves to show me pix that whizzed past me. Enjoyed watching tree bloom.