Title: The new me
created on 17 Feb 11

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1. bluemoon wrote:
 good pic and nice energy!
2. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Oh my! Love the silver rinse and the eyelashes - and don't say you've succumbed to some Botox?
3. gremmy wrote:
 You found me out, Brunnhilde. Permanent eyeliner tattooed on, an Michael Jackson nose, Oprah lashes. The new teeth make the smile permanent, too. It's such a new me my husband followed another woman around the store thinking it was the old me. LOL
4. Lizzi wrote:
 You certainly look very rested! Nice sweater.:D
5. KJLavigne wrote:
 I love the sweater, too. Great hair and expression.
6. Login wrote:
 You look very glamorous, Emy. I've just read your post in the 'prayers' forum. A big hug from me and congratulations for giving yourself a treat.
7. gremmy wrote:
 Thanks, Login, for telling me I look glamorous. I was looking in an imaginary mirror of dreams. But mostly thanks for the hug. That makes my day, for sure. God bless you.
8. madihenry wrote:
 this is very pretty!!!

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