Title: Keane - Under The Iron Sea
created on 22 Sep 10


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1. Angela wrote:
 Oh MY! So detailed and lovely colours.
2. Login wrote:
 My attempt at an Album Cover for the current showcase.
3. Angela wrote:
 OH! It's just fantastic.
4. mdawrcn wrote:
 Wow!! This is fantastic! Welcome back.
5. golehto wrote:
 wow ,, beautiful:)
6. Hazer wrote:
 Great Album Cover pic!
7. Lizzi wrote:
8. 56rosie wrote:
 SOOOO powerful! Awesome detail
9. clorophilla wrote:
 love it absolutely!
10. Qsilv wrote:
 great capture... love the tones, esp the greens (can just sink into 'em) Lost the one white wave but OMG... you got those delicate jaws and splendid necks!
11. lilalee wrote:
 Just beautiful, as all of your work!! Also fun PB.
12. polenta wrote:
 great work, very elegant
13. creatron wrote:
 that is awsome. It is sorta abstract sorta waves and sorta horses
14. methinks wrote:
 This is Beautiful!!!
15. Normal wrote:
 No idea who Keane is, but his cover is gorgeous!
16. coho wrote:
17. mum23 wrote:
 This is just gorgeous... you've captured both the lovely delicacy and awesome power! It's wonderful to see you drawing!
18. danila wrote:
 ditto all the above--soft,precise,elegant..great pic. Login
19. danila wrote:
 you didn't create pic.. for quite some time...finally you did... I was missing your originality
20. Login wrote:
 Thank you all for your generous comments. At 0130 BST today, I got tiered (and impatient) and convinced myself that nobody would notice if I missed out the white wave ... silly me!
21. Login wrote:
 ... I didn't get 'tiered' ... I got tired.
22. indigo wrote:
23. Jazzlet wrote:
24. baby wrote:
 Very nice picture!!!!!
25. Dragon wrote:
 This is wonderful! Love the sense of motion it has.
26. tifsmom wrote:
 Oh My!!! this is gorgeous. Good composition and use of color. lots of motion
27. zum117 wrote:
 this is the pest
28. puzzler wrote:
 Looks perfect to me! I see horses, or is that seahorses??
29. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Your lucky silly me tried to reproduce Tango in the night and I missed out a crocodile, stork and a whole herd of elephants lol
30. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Love the picture
31. Login wrote:
 LOL! I went to check the cover. You've got the stork ... but as for the crocodile and a whole heard of elephants ... you fibbed to me!
32. ferretkiss wrote:
33. arty wrote:
 Just too wonderful for words
34. suzze wrote:
 Fantastic, just wonderful!
35. Login wrote:
 Well, maybe you didn't fib, steve ... maybe this old coot can't see as well as she used to. I can see what could be a crocodile but, for me, the elephants are definitely hiding.
36. marg wrote:
 oh, Login.. this is just wonderful - and yeah, I checked out the original (didn't know it, sorry :))- and I rate this higher !
37. LivelyUp wrote:
38. Qsilv wrote:
 Jigsawdoku's Place of Honor 9/25 ;>
39. Login wrote:
 Ooo ... thanks Q.
40. golehto wrote:
  i keep looking at this ,, love it :) again & agaain & again :) great job Login :)
41. jimsgal wrote:
 Wonderful pic.. the detail is awesome.
42. inked_gemini wrote:
 Wow Login! Those lines are perfect. And the delicate shading of the horse's neck. Just fantastic!
43. pollyesther wrote:
 Breathtaking! WOW!
44. polenta wrote:
 Login, yes a gorgeous giant ghost got angry generally at night when using gothic.... yes but G is not used as often as S, N, M, R or L I could bet. LOL
45. hjjr wrote:
 superb, Login!
46. DilCoura wrote:
 This is so wonderful!!And thanks for your comment (Forum)
47. polenta wrote:
 Login, it was my hunch that G wasn't the most common consonant in English. I use this intuition of mine for the game HANGMAN. I always begin by A,E and then go S,R,L etc. G only comes later if I feel I have the word, etc. What do you do in the HANGMAN?
48. Login wrote:
 Generally, end up hanging (3 Gs):(
49. clorophilla wrote:
 Hi cousin :-) May be, may be... the green little island I landed in my dream seemed just the northern coast of England!
50. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Beautiful, top 5 for sure.
51. Shanley wrote:
 nice work, Login!
52. marg wrote:
 Congratulations, buddy - what a brilliant pic !
53. danila wrote:
54. solange62 wrote:
 Congratulations Login! What a master piece!
55. suzze wrote:
 Congrats, Its fantastic to see you drawing again, your work is amazing.
56. kyung wrote:
 Congratulations Login!!
57. Virgil wrote:
 Great work.
58. Login wrote:
 Thanks to you all :)
59. raydog wrote:
 Thanks Login, Everthing that you do is good.I am going to B'ham on the 17th to see if I need Chemo. I have just finished 41 radiation treatments. Ray Durham
60. Jane9 wrote:
 Nice!!! That is so cool. Congratulations!!!
61. Burgandy wrote:
 This is amazing! As close to perfect as one could get!
62. shams wrote:
 so beautiful
63. zum117 wrote:
 its you who deserve to learn us
64. skynyrd wrote:
65. gimzer wrote:
66. KJLavigne wrote:
67. chelydra wrote:
 I missed this one until now... well done
68. Radrook wrote:
69. oraIReress23 wrote:
 you have such a creative mind, login.
70. Login wrote:
 Noooo ... I copied it from a CD cover.