Title: Princess Kaguya
created on 15 Aug 10


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1. hanging wrote:
 This story is considered the oldest extant Japanese narrative and an early example of proto-science fiction.
2. clorophilla wrote:
 I find it a beautiful flower pic!
3. solange62 wrote:
 Lovely pic!
4. clorophilla wrote:
 it's a top5 in flowers for me!
5. karbs wrote:
 Beautiful as always!
6. hjjr wrote:
 ditto karbs
7. Qsilv wrote:
 hanging! every detail in this is a delight!
8. lilalee wrote:
 Wonderful piece!!
9. ShannonLee wrote:
 its a very beautiful picture :)
10. Lizzi wrote:
 This is so full of colour and life.
11. Normal wrote:
12. belladonnis wrote:
 This is beautiful!
13. suzze wrote:
 WOW!Ditto to all.
14. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful! Interesting story too! Thanks!
15. mrozowski wrote:
 The details are stunning, especially the robe and hair.
16. zum117 wrote:
 very good
17. Dragon wrote:
 So beautiful! I love this.
18. mum23 wrote:
 Soo lovely - this is exquisite!
19. Shanley wrote:
 splendid! love the colors!
20. pollyesther wrote:
 was just browsing but i had to log in and fav this. =0 WOW
21. arasi_srirangam wrote:
 Beautifully Done! Play Back is Great!
22. abror wrote:
 beautiful picture
23. Roxas wrote:
24. danila wrote:
 great pic, lovely colours too..
25. gair wrote:
 Wow!!! Amazing composition!
26. marg wrote:
 beautifully done, hanging - I need to get some time to check out your other brill pics (please bear with me !)
27. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5, hanging. It's a beauty.
28. danila wrote:
 congratulations..well deserved!!
29. suzze wrote:
30. Dragon wrote:
 I'm so glad this one made the Top 5, I think it's my favorite for the whole month! Congrats!!
31. kyung wrote:
 Congrats on Top 5! I wonder if you have Japanese background...
32. jimsgal wrote:
 love your work...thankyou for your sympathy for my best friend..it has been almost a year and it is so great to hear that after so long ..i WILL FOREVER MORN MY LOSS ..But i think I'm ready for New tree... Hppy oneFor Barbara!
33. lilalee wrote:
 I have to keep coming back to this, as it is sooo beautiful!!
34. kaihang wrote:
 this looks a little bit like Heidi
35. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Just going thru my 103 page's of Favorite's. What a treat!
36. AFSOUTH wrote:
 We so miss your art, RIP hanging!