Title: For Our Grieving Skater...
created on 23 Feb 10

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1. ArtisZen wrote:
 performing tonight... as a matter of fact very very soon ... so i must go... Great hockey game -Germ vs.-Can---> kicks ___!
2. autumn wrote:
 she is beautiful! wonderful job in candy...
3. Normal wrote:
 Heart-breaking story, breath-taking performance. Lovely picture!
4. lilalee wrote:
 Very sad! But the pic is so lovely!!
5. gimzer wrote:
6. Hazer wrote:
 Agree with all the above!
7. spam wrote:
 you have captured all the emotion in her beautiful face.
8. anniebats wrote:
 cool must of taken ages
9. polenta wrote:
10. Tracy123 wrote:
 shes lovely.x
11. Shanley wrote:
 stunning indeed!
12. gocards wrote:
 nice tribute
13. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful tribute and nicely done! AND WHAT A HOCKEY GAME....WOOHOO!!!
14. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
 Very good job
15. ArtisZen wrote:
 WOW!!! While being in the heart of all the Olympic Buzz- is great... nothing compares to ... start the day.with such wonderful! comments- from fellow TDers--- THANK YOU ALL!
16. anniebats wrote:
 boring get a life
17. Dragon wrote:
 This is so nice! Did you see she's sitting in 3rd place. She could get a medal if she keeps skating so well!
18. mebu27 wrote:
 wonderful pic!
19. Sadie2211 wrote:
 Lovely pic. Very thoughtful of you to do this for her.
20. pollyesther wrote:
21. puzzler wrote:
 Lovely, but I haven't heard the story.
22. hjjr wrote:
 so nice of you and great pic.
23. Login wrote:
 Ditto puzzlers comment. I too am in the dark here ...
24. ArtisZen wrote:
 Login and Puzzler -- in short, her mother arrived w/her ( and was her #1 support & everything in between)-but passed away two days before her Olympic skate......
25. kyung wrote:
 Sad story behind her cute face... Congratulations on top 5!! Nice contribute to her and to her mother!
26. danila wrote:
27. hjjr wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5!!
28. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats on Top5..it's an outstanding pic...captures emotion so well!
29. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Congrats on Top %! Wonderful pic.
30. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5, ArtisZen. There is real feeling in this.
31. NADIA wrote:
 Congratulations on making top5,this is a Wonderful pic!
32. pollyesther wrote:
 Grats! Such a sweet pic!
33. brigsis wrote:
 Congrats on top 5!