Title: seurat's horn
created on 13 Nov 08

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1. faith wrote:
 Like your background! It is outstanding with all it's overlaid shapes. The horn looks wonderful against the background. They make music together.
2. matthew wrote:
 This one is worth blowing your own horn. Well played. Always said that good art was like beutiful music... Now I know what the heck I was talking about... Cant wait to tune in for your next one... but enough sounding off... great work.
3. nancylee wrote:
 Wonderful! And I love the technique. I have been playing with pointillism, too. It seems like this format cries for it.
4. likemee wrote:
 short comment: BRILLIANT!!
5. marg wrote:
 this must have taken forever - but what a brilliant result !
6. Baldur wrote:
 perfect, it's like a tapestry
7. cj07 wrote:
 great horn!
8. JERMY25 wrote:
 lookz like the guy of of the nigtmare before x-mas

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