Title: Fresh veggie juice secret ingredients
created on 07 Feb 10

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1. gimzer wrote:
 Looks like a government poster for nutrition!
2. ferretkiss wrote:
 disappointing as this took a long time and i think it's well laid out and uses the limited green pieces well
3. Qsilv wrote:
 Artful cornucopias, dramatically lit, are fun... but super clear rational layouts are a perfectly valid and rather difficult accomplishment too. I put plenty of work into the latter. So, "5". ;>
4. ferretkiss wrote:
 appreciate your nice comment. (i am not an artist!) i just try to do this. :->
5. ferretkiss wrote:
 P.S. this is my fabulous (and secret) juice recipe - you only need a juicer and you are set. make/drink it 2x per week. :->
6. kyung wrote:
 Welcome to TD! More than welcome because I am a dietitian :O)
7. kasrablue wrote:
8. lsuperior wrote:
 I love the veggies, especially the ginger. I will take a large superveggie mix with extra ginger please!!
9. lsuperior wrote:
 Oh, and thanks for your comments! Also, I love your profile name!
10. Doug wrote:
 In answer to your question on my pic....yeeeessss you have to do a lot of dragging, dropping, repeat over and over again. You'll get the hang of it. Thanks for looking at my pic!
11. Doug wrote:
 Oh yeah, Welcome!
12. Lionlover129 wrote:
13. passionsart wrote:
 good job!
14. Animallvr101 wrote:
15. belle7991 wrote:
 hey that would make a great jucie!!! mum make her own jucie!!! i like it !!
16. loudclaw wrote:

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