Title: Newspaper Fun
created on 17 Jan 10

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1. Shanley wrote:
 i feel sorry for the lil' mouse. i dont think that cute kitty is only playing :)
2. matthew wrote:
 If it makes you feel better, it is a toy mouse...
3. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Love the texture you got on the newspaper. Miss your color pics....
4. Normal wrote:
 But I'll bet the mouse is a toy one. Nice picture.
5. Normal wrote:
 Odd - threee of us wrote at once.
6. Shanley wrote:
 I miss your color pics too, but if it makes you feel better, I like your new style of drawing too ;)
7. pollyesther wrote:
 This is fun! i bet he's wiggling his bum getting ready to pounce!
8. musicsuzy wrote:
 very sweet..I'm loving the black and whites you're doing....really interesting!
9. hjjr wrote:
 moment captured perfectly.
10. shosho wrote:
 marvelous singularity!!!!!
11. franca wrote:
 U R a genius matthew!!!! I like all, colors or black and white!!!!
12. belladonnis wrote:
 matthew these in black and white are great!
13. Qsilv wrote:
 I love this --but admit it, you're practicing up to trounce us all royally when that b&w showcase arrives!
14. marthacc wrote:
 love it... have 3 cats myself
15. mekeys wrote:
 matthew all your sketches are great.Do like some TV commericals have done and put just one little bit of color ????
16. lsuperior wrote:
 This is just the best.
17. marius wrote:
 LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for ths smile!
18. mrozowski wrote:
 Bet the cat can't decide what's more fun...the paper or the toy mouse!
19. GOLDIEGIRL8 wrote:
20. clorophilla wrote:
 very pretty schetch, perfectly caught. My cat loves this play a lot!
21. indigo wrote:
 Well done! My cat prefers cardboard boxes. This is the perfect cat under paper!
22. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is so perfect,matthew!
23. gimzer wrote:
24. Doug wrote:
 Boxes are a cats best friend. Work on that! lol. Great one Matthew!!
25. polenta wrote:
 I almost overlooked it. It's great matthew
26. Login wrote:
 Good drawing ... like the idea.
27. KingaNiamh wrote:
 you're inspiring!
28. Qsilv wrote:
 Congratulations on Top5! I love it!
29. Arw65 wrote:
 cute!, Congrats
30. kyung wrote:
31. lsuperior wrote:
 Congrats Matthew! Yours are some of my most favoritist favorites, fo' sho'!
32. hjjr wrote:
 Congratulations, congratulations, color or b&w, you've got it going on, matthew!
33. pollyesther wrote:
 Great work, Gratz!!
34. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5.
35. debray wrote:
 This is so cool.......I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to TRY a black and white!! PS what do you have to do to Follow someone's work???? Thanks Debray
36. danila wrote:
37. mamawpaula wrote:
 so cute if i was blind i would still be able to see this. p.s i lloovvee cat's and kittens
38. jaxx wrote:
 great work
39. PatGJ wrote:
 I love this one
40. Gayanelala wrote:
 i love this picture