Title: Mediterranean view
created on 20 Nov 09

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1. gocards wrote:
2. indigo wrote:
 Ditto the details...absolutely beautiful!
3. Shanley wrote:
 Still catching my breath after such a beautiful view!
4. danila wrote:
 it's a dream..I've seen many places resembling this in Italy...thanks Arw65 for this beautiful pic. ...
5. mekeys wrote:
 This one is the one I like the most..FANTASTIC..!!!
6. Ilikecolor wrote:
 It takes me away...how beautiful!
7. Trixie wrote:
 I would like to visit!
8. Login wrote:
 Oh, so very Mediterranean!
9. matthew wrote:
 Oh, ARW... You've done it again... My favorite part of the pic is how well the mountains in the background turned out... (go figure, I am drawn to the easy part)... :)
10. methinks wrote:
 Your attention to detail is really quite amazing!
11. DMarcella wrote:
 Wow, how do you plan this out, it looks like you plan it ahead of time, do you draw it on paper first?
12. DMarcella wrote:
 Also did you look at a picture or photo to do this from or was it all in your head? I love this so much that I can say it is my favorite probably from all others.
13. Arw65 wrote:
 This is based off of a picture, I't not exactly the same, but it has similarities to the picture that i used, i plan it in my head.
14. DIAMANTE wrote:
 Wow this is really beautiful.
15. DMarcella wrote:
 That is amazing that you plan it in your head. I have no desire to put the work in a drawing like this, well actually I don't know how either.
16. DMarcella wrote:
 I'm having more fun on here then I ever have just viewing the wonders that are being done then I ever did from drawing myself. I really am not interested in doing so unless it is just to play around - nothing serious on purpose anyway.
17. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is so stunningly beautiful--you captured this exceedingly well!
18. arty wrote:
 A truly beautiful scene
19. pollyesther wrote:
 oh this is breath-taking! I always learn so much from your pics, your talent never ceases to amaze me.
20. solange62 wrote:
 Ditto all above Arw65...
21. brigsis wrote:
22. matthew wrote:
 Grats on top 5...
23. Luna wrote:
 Congratulations! I had missed many of these this month. Wonderful!
24. pollyesther wrote:
25. Login wrote:
 The feeling of looking through that arch at a cliffside village ... it transported me back to Cinque Terra in Italy. Congratulations on an inevitavble Top 5.
26. Login wrote:
 oops!... inevitable.
27. mrozowski wrote:
 Wonderful picture and much deserved Top 5. Congrats.
28. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Congrats on top 5. Ditto on how wonderful the pic turned out.
29. AJ26 wrote:
!! Its perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30. marg wrote:
 can't believe I missed this one - superb drawing, Arw ! (oh, and congratulations, of course !)
31. marg wrote:
 Hey.. I just saw your comment in the Forum about the deleted pic - so I'll comment on this one instead - it was a beautiful picture, and I hate to think what idiot deleted it - I congratulate you on drawing it, anyway - and thanks for the beauty !
32. inked_gemini wrote:
 Beautiful picture Arw. Congratulations.
33. hjjr wrote:
 this is so well done ... CONGRATULATIONS on this beauty and all the other pics that Topped 5 as well!!!!!
34. jordyn33 wrote:
 This is amazing! It's breath-taking! Congrats on making the Top 5!
35. avabaumgarten wrote:
 wow top 5! gorgeous, lovely, breath taking I feel as if I am in a dream!
36. kyung wrote:
37. Trixie wrote:
 Beautiful Pic!
38. horselover wrote:
 I Can Not STOP looking at this it is so AWSOME
39. holidays wrote:
 My very favorite Top 5.
40. wintermeadow wrote:
 Great Pic!
41. butterfly9 wrote:
42. JamesJarman wrote:
 cool buildings.
43. debray wrote:
 Magical.....Mama Mia this is gorgeous!
44. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Love it and touring your wonderful gallery is always a real pleasure!