Title: Night Bus
created on 19 Nov 09

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1. polenta wrote:
 A JEWEL!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2. polenta wrote:
 I couldn't put it in my favorites, it was full but it really IS A FAVORITE. Thanks for sharing all your work with us and teaching us so much. You were born to draw and color.
3. indigo wrote:
 Awesome work! It's like looking out your window at the real thing! The driver could turn around and speak at any moment!
4. coho wrote:
 This is amazing as are all your pictures!
5. franca wrote:
 Compliments! Is a masterpiece.
6. puzzler wrote:
 Wow! That headlight shining through the dark is fantastic!
7. Ilikecolor wrote:
 I love your shadows and light work, the whole work is marvelous.
8. danila wrote:
9. mrozowski wrote:
 I can really visualize the lights throught he fog. Terrific work!
10. matthew wrote:
 You have created the first real beam of light on Think Draw that I am aware of... Congratulations on the great accomplishment...
11. DIAMANTE wrote:
 Wow, this is very nice.
12. DMarcella wrote:
 This one has me floored!
13. Hazer wrote:
 So much detail with the man standing in front of the bus...you certainly are gifted!
14. mekeys wrote:
15. Angela wrote:
16. a4e4ka wrote:
 Can't find words to say how impressed I am again. Every time you come up with something amazing! This light and the reflection - fantastic! Congratulations and thank you for the pleasure!
17. gocards wrote:
18. sheftali52 wrote:
 It would be hard to say much more than others have already--this is SO impressive!
19. Doug wrote:
20. Login wrote:
 This transported me back in time. The playback shows that you know exactly what you want and how to achieve it. You never cease to amaze me.
21. marius wrote:
 All of the above! WOW!!!
22. marg wrote:
 Um.. yes, well.. umm.. I'll just sit here and gaze in awe, shall I ?
23. wielan wrote:
 yes,yes,yes I like!!!
24. Shanley wrote:
 Amazing. Love your black&white pics, Arw. Great effect of the reflection. Thank you for joining the challenge.
25. Normal wrote:
 Just incredible (yet again)! Are they headed for Hogwarts?
26. Arw65 wrote:
 or the leaky Cauldron :)- glad somebody caught the reference
27. Qsilv wrote:
 yesss! you've planned and caught that glow splendidly!
28. pebbles wrote:
 Made me think of Harry Potter first thing. Love the headlight.
29. pollyesther wrote:
 All the above! WOW!
30. kyung wrote:
 I almost missed this lucid artpiece! You are a true artist!!
31. hxxhxx wrote:
32. matthew wrote:
 Grats on top 5...
33. Qsilv wrote:
 soooo deserving! A perfect 5, and Top 5 too.
34. Login wrote:
 The moment I saw it I knew it would be in Top5. Congratulations.
35. pollyesther wrote:
 Congratulations! this one still blows me away. youre a genious
36. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats to you too, Arw! Not only on the pics on this Top5 but on your entire work!
37. marg wrote:
 umm.. yes, well.. I'm STILL sitting here in awe..
38. inked_gemini wrote:
 Congrats Arw. Amazing work. You deserve every Top 5 that you get. :)
39. solange62 wrote:
 Congrats Arw on all ur Top 5 pics! I love particularly this one...
40. kyung wrote:
 Ditto with solange!!
41. Trixie wrote:
42. debray wrote:
 Absolutely STUNNING!!! Are you a professional artist?
43. chelydra wrote:
 Routemaster — a big issue in London's last mayoral race was whether to replace these with modern bendy-buses
44. geckogirl56 wrote:
 harry potter! im watchin the first one now! it is harry potter right? :-)
45. brigsis wrote:
 Harry potter ROCKS! Though I shouldn't give him all the credit... J.K Rowling INVENTED him!!!!
46. fantasydraw wrote:
 yeah the pictures are WOWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
47. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Just going thru my 103 page's of Favorite's. What a treat!