Title: Queen Silhouette
created on 11 Nov 09

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Comments on this picture (41):
1. matthew wrote:
2. danila wrote:
3. matthew wrote:
 The earring & choker are just wonderful...
4. CoyoteGirl wrote:
 All your drawings are very nice.
5. Margaret wrote:
 She is beautiful.
6. franca wrote:
 U r so good, real artist! The pic is fantastic!!!!!!!!
7. DIAMANTE wrote:
 Beautiful lady.
8. maddyjean08 wrote:
 Arw, that's beautiful! You truly are fit to be queen!
9. sheftali52 wrote:
 Very lovely!!
10. mekeys wrote:
11. puzzler wrote:
 Very regal!
12. Dragon wrote:
 Beautiful Arw, I can imagine this imagine on the coin of a very hip nation. It somehow reminds me of Audrey Hepburn (perhaps from Roman Holiday)
13. polenta wrote:
 I can't believe it!!! You even drew the earring!!! Bravo!!!
14. sapper wrote:
 Wow, impressive. She is so beautiful! Bravo, Bravo.
15. Login wrote:
 Beautifully done. The earring and choker are clever.
16. Hazer wrote:
 I agree with login!...Excellent!
17. Ilikecolor wrote:
18. Ash12 wrote:
19. Angelia wrote:
 Dido all the above. Love it!
20. mekeys wrote:
 I'll just say DITTO..!!!
21. NADIA wrote:
22. indigo wrote:
 This is SO perfect! Looks like Barbies profile...
23. pollyesther wrote:
 This is Perfect!
24. inked_gemini wrote:
 Beautiful...straight out of a fairytale. Wonderful picture Your Highness! ;)
25. AJ26 wrote:
 your a greet artist
26. kyung wrote:
 Ditto all above!!
27. matthew wrote:
 Grats on top 5...
28. Login wrote:
 A delightful drawing ... I needed 10 'favourites' to vote for all the best drawings!
29. pollyesther wrote:
30. marg wrote:
 missed this one as well - great pic, Arw !
31. inked_gemini wrote:
 Congrats again!
32. avabaumgarten wrote:
 wowee! this is beautiful!
33. kyung wrote:
34. Isis13 wrote:
 It's so cool!!! i love it :D
35. Madeline wrote:
 Amazing....I'm speechless...
36. KASU wrote:
37. alexis30078 wrote:
 what dragon wrote bravo!bravo!
38. beckyboo wrote:
39. halzzz wrote:
 omg. i would never b able 2 draw something like that. by hand? yes. But by thinkdraw? a-no
40. nicki wrote:
41. geckogirl56 wrote:
 halzzz - same here! :-)