Title: Graduation.
created on 05 Nov 09

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Comments on this picture (35):
1. Chinky wrote:
 The... Graduation outfit? Lol. Grrrrs my star is uneven.
2. DMarcella wrote:
 Wow this is great.
3. puzzler wrote:
 You look divine! I'm sure your BSc in fruit sald will take you far in life ;)
4. coho wrote:
 Superb as always!
5. NADIA wrote:
 Fantastic Chinky,how do you do it!
6. danila wrote:
 simply adorable!
7. gocards wrote:
 very good!
8. polenta wrote:
 this one is very good
9. franca wrote:
10. katpedro wrote:
 Very good work.
11. karbs wrote:
 GREAT! Congratulations!!!
12. indigo wrote:
 Very GOOD! A definite FIVE!
13. matthew wrote:
 I would say, a definite Top 5... but the competition just gets better & better so ya never know... I have a good feeling I will see this there anyway... :)
14. Hazer wrote:
 Excellent chinky! Love the expression!
15. Hazer wrote:
 There have been some kids on here placing low votes...they've done it to me too. Brats!
16. Login wrote:
 Whoever's doing it, they've run riot for a few days. This has all the hallmarks of a Top5 and it could still make it, Chinky.
17. Login wrote:
 The star looks fine .... and with the fine detail in the graduate, who's going to notice the star?!
18. hjjr wrote:
 great pic, Chinky!
19. DIAMANTE wrote:
 That is fantastic. I love it.
20. inked_gemini wrote:
 So much detail...I'm blown away.
21. pollyesther wrote:
 this is really cool chinky! amazing details, especially the face. how do you do it in fruit?
22. Chinky wrote:
 That is where the -think- comes in to drawing :], but it's just a simple technique. Apply, and remove.
23. Chompersaurus wrote:
 you look sad
24. kyung wrote:
 This outfit for valedictorian! congrats!!
25. Shanley wrote:
 That star is just fine! i can't believe you did that with bananas and not to mention the clothes and such a tiny clearly drawn face!!
26. maddyjean08 wrote:
 Chinky, you've won prince of TD! Congratz! You are qualified to draw a crown and keep it on your profile for a month!
27. Dragon wrote:
 Holy Crap! This is amazing!
28. matthew wrote:
 Grats on top 5...
29. Qsilv wrote:
 Congratulations - your work really is Tops!
30. Login wrote:
 Congratulations, Chinky ... it was always a winner.
31. pollyesther wrote:
32. Arw65 wrote:
  ditto Login!
33. inked_gemini wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5 Chinky!
34. solange62 wrote:
 Gratz on Top 5 !
35. kyung wrote:
 Gratz on top 5!!

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